How to Record Screen on Mac


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Nov 19, 2010
A teacher wants to show his students the project done on Mac, so a decent Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) will be a necessity. And a gamer says he like a screen recorder to record the game smoothly so that he can show others how well he plays. Everyone has his reason to record the screen for Mac when you want to show a friend how to do something vividly.

Some Snow Leopard users might notice that QuickTime X comes with a built-in screen capture feature, which lets you Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) . Besides the limited editing function, the main issue of QuickTime X’s screen capture is that it does not support internal sound recording. It can’t be a good Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) because its limit.

Screen Capture Mac has multifunctional features. With this ideal tool, you can capture your favorite sites easily and edit them on this tool as you like. It's available for you to partially capture any part of desktop, videos, websites or other pictures on your computer window.

If you’re looking for a good screen recorder for Mac, I would recommend Screen Capture for Mac, which helps Mac users make stunning instructional video easily and conveniently. The guide below tells you through the process of recording screen on Mac.

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Step 1: Launch Screen Capture for Mac and you will be presented with the Recording dialog below, then press the record button.

Step 2: After recording, press command-shift-2 to stop recording. Screen Capture for Mac creates a new document of newly captured video, as shown below.

Step3: Before you export the recording, you can also edit the screen recording to reach your request.

Step 4: Export and share the captured video easily. Press Command-E or select “Export” from the File menu to export your presentation.


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Oct 19, 2016
Los Angeles
Thanks for sharing the guide, the image in the guide is dead. The built-in QuickTime Player bundled with the latest version of OS X can record desktop videos is a nice free option. File>New Screen Recording. If you want to record screen is HD video, I'd recommend acethinker screen grabber, not free, but well worth the money.