How to Record a Screencast on Mac OS X


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Nov 19, 2010
You might want Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) in order to create instructional video to show a friend how to do something in OS X, make stunning presentation of your software, or create rich-media presentations for your audience. Creating a screencast usually involves a lot of effort of presenting rich and well organized information and a tool to record, fine-tune and publish your screencast.

Workflow of Recording a Screencast on Mac
Write a script. Before you start recording the screencast, figure out what to tell and show, and write down the script.
Practice and memorize. Work through your script and rehearse until you can do it smoothly.
Record and Publish. Get a professional yet easy-to-use screencast recorder for Mac to record videos and sound.

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) has multifunctional features. With this ideal tool, you can capture your favorite sites easily and edit them on this tool as you like. It's available for you to partially capture any part of desktop, videos, websites or other pictures on your computer window.

Tool to Capture Screencast
Looking for a professional yet easy-to-use tool to Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) ? I highly recommend Screen Capture for Mac, which lets you record from desktop, a video camera, microphone & computer’s audio simultaneously to create a rich and compelling video. Sophisticated editing tools allow you to create incredible screencasts in no time. The finished result is a QuickTime or Windows Media movie, ready for publishing to your website or blog. Below is the step by step guide about how to do that.

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Step 1: Launch Screen Capture for Mac and you will be presented with the Recording dialog below. Use default settings or choose the devices you wish to record audio, and press the record button.

Step 2: When you finish recording, you're transported to the editor. You can easily add zoom & pan effects, trim clips, add drop shadow & reflection, adjust audio levels etc. You can even combine existing media into your screencast.

Step 3: Export and share the captured video easily. Press Command-E or select “Export” from the File menu to export your presentation: