how to post screenshot


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Feb 17, 2010
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Can someone tell me how to post a screenshot (once it is up and running again)..Sorry to be such a computer idiot, but I don't have a clue..I took a picture of my screenshot and have it on my computer, just wanted to share...


Oct 26, 2008
this is wht i do . these two things i do if your at 3 dice by any chance they have a tab on the top left right side of the cluster of drop down box there it says send my screen shot to 3 dice , in this situation the 3 dice casino will
host all there screenies
the other universal way is to press the key on the top right of your key board
that says print screen on it its probably extreme top row right third or fought in from end of row

then stop what your doing shrink casino down to bottom tool bar then click start then click paint when big empty screen from paint program comes up top left click edit then select paste the screen shot will appear

then click file and save as [pick a nick name ] then exit you now have the screen shot on board your P C , i recommend you open a photo bucket account there free and store all these slot pics there , get them off your PC for disc room

all pics can be parked there they have prompts at photo bucket or what ever one you chose there free no need to buy a exclusive membership

when you get that far let me know if you need more help or any other savvy PC operator can coach you along
and good luck R C


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Feb 10, 2009
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Hiya: From the casino, or anywhere, just click the, "Print screen" button on your keyboard. Go to Paint, and hit paste. The screen shot appears there. Go to file-save as-and in the box, name it something, and save it as a jpeg. Now go to, My Pictures, and you will see your saved picture there.

Now, open a, photobucket acct: at photobucket dot com. This is free, and only takes a second. It is a photo sharing site. When it is open, log in, and hit, "UpLoad Pictures from PC". From there, find your screenshot you saveed click it, and upload. It will appear in photobucket. Now hover mouse over the picture, and boxes underneath will appear, click, "Copy" in the box that says, 'Image code".

Open Casinomeister. Type something. right click, and hit, "Paste", you will see some thing like this....img http//photobucket/your picture, and your actual picture will appear when you hit submit reply, or preview post. Like this.

Good luck. PS: This is my Wife's Dads house in Luna philip[pines.


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Aug 25, 2004
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Personally I don't agree with the advice above - hosting your pictures on a third-party site can be problematical, and is also completely unnecessary. It's perfectly simple to save them on your own PC once you've spent 5 minutes learning the correct way to do it.
I have a step-by-step guide on my site here:
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The MOST important things are you MUST make sure your shot is no bigger than the forum maximum (640x480) AND you must save as a JPEG.

Also, please ensure you don't have those annoying white borders around your shot by following the advice in this thread:

This might all seem hellishly complicated at first glance, but trust me - once you've got the hang of it you can get your shot from the casino to the forum in less than 60 seconds! :thumbsup: