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Oct 4, 2004
I requested my play history from Casino Extreme after repeated bad runs, does anyone know how to make sense play histories? How can I find out what each games % payout is for me? Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
I almost always manulay count wagers...
and about payout, probably you have to count it by yourself... :( I've never seen casino with payout info for your games... probably because, they don't to scary players :p especialy on slots...
For General Theory

I use to see what the payout is supposed to be for the varions games. There are also tables and formulae for players to work the calculation themselves for games that are not covered.
I have used this to work out some figures for a few other variants. Within some games there is an analysis of the payout average on each type of bet, as in Craps, so we can see which bets to avoid. (It's normally the side bets and bonus bets that have a house edge bordering on 10% on an otherwise good paying game like Blackjack).
If we can be confident that the software is not rigged, this will tell us what games to play to make our funds last longest.
For the best play history use Cryptologic casinos - they detail everything in an easy to read & understand summary, and also allow you to view the individual hand histories.
They even include a 'copy to clipboard' button! Top notch! :thumbsup:

With MG's you can copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) Playcheck info onto a spreadsheet & do your own analysis. A pain in the ass - but better than some other casinos which tell you NOWT! :(

Don't know much about RTG's.
There's not a way for you to get at your hand histories yourself via the software is there?
If not, I've got a good idea why not! :rolleyes:
because mose casinos (softwares) just want you to keep playing there without caring about your balance. I have to record all my hands mannually. Recommend wagerlogic and boss. both have good statistics.

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