How to have my money Back ? Casino scam and egaming not willing to help


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Jun 10, 2021

So I've posted about my problem with a casino.
They are scamming Eu people specialy from France, and UK. They are making a lot of ads online and with streamers and claim to be legal in France (I have screenshot). They have a Curuçao licence, and the money goes to Cyprus. They are scamming with bonus that cannot be withdraw even after the wager is complete, they the slot are always bugging, and they refused to pay me a wining on a slot (they said its a problems with the provider and will be back to me, but they never and told me they cannot do anything).
So I create a claim to the e-gaming autority about their methods, and facts that they are using a licence to have french players... I ask my bank (I have a UK mastercard), and they refused to refund me !!
Here is the reply from the Egaming autority, what can I do ? They are still scamming and they are opening others websites...

Thanks a lot for your help.
Dear All,

Curaçao eGaming ("CEG") has reviewed all documentation that has been filed by the Player and the Operator (the: “Parties”) in the matter of this complaint. CEG acknowledges that both parties have been granted ample time to make communicate their statements and provide these statements with evidence, supporting their statements.

In this case, we deem the Operator has acted within the rules of its website and therefore CEG rules that the Operator has resolved the dispute with the Player in a professional and adequate manner. The said complaint is therefore dismissed.

The Player may file an appeal against this ruling within seven days with CEG’s ADR Appeals Commission. Appeals that have not been timely received or do not include proper identification and/or motivation of the appeal shall be ignored. Failure of parties to abide by this ruling may result in disciplinary action by CEG against any of the parties.

Best regards,
Curaçao eGaming | ADR Department

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