How to get remote job for online casino?


Jul 20, 2019
this is my dream job at the moment, ive decided with my wife having a baby and the coronavirus etc, I would like to work remotely
and online gambling is really something ive done every day for years so i feel i have a lot of experience.

i have applied for 2 jobs as yet at
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some remote game performance analyst whatever that means, still waiting on a response
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some support role which has disappeared it seems so guess thats gone

please can anyone provide more information or links how to get into this industry remotely
thank you
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I would love to work and be part of the igaming world as an employe. I could make a difference. Here in quebec, gambling is managed by the most lazy, useless and not intesrested people : governement employees. No possibilties exept being part of a mess. Everything they do is 10 years late and makes no sense. Managing vip managers, payments, customer service, complaints and every possîble problem , I love doing that. I would trade mobile phones and cable for gambling and every aspect of it anytime. I doubt I would still have half of what I earn though. Casinos are to me, very cheap. Maybe @L&L-Jan can tell us of he earns 100k EUR a year ? Haha :) I dont.
For a 100K mate? Sorry, but in that case I would prefer to stay in bed. 950k is minimum. Excl. bonuses.

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