How to find out if a site is legit?


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Dec 18, 2004
I hope I put this in the right forum.

There's a new poker site ( that is offering a very good rakeback deal to new players. But before I decide to play there, I'd like to find out more about who is running the company and if they have all the proper licenses and what not to operate legally.

On the website it says it's run by:

CTT Group Enterprises Inc., A.V.V.
Miramar Building
Suite 202 L.G. Smith Boulevard 62
Oranjestad, Aruba

I put that into google but didn't find anything. Does anyone know more about this site, or how I can find out for myself?

Interesting find - they claim their poker software is proprietary and something out of the ordinary, and its apparently still in Beta with a launch scheduled for November.

Check out the two press releases on the site which give some intriguing insights into their technology.

It's on the Bluff magazine Poker Tour, so presumably Eric Morris and his guys have checked these folks out.

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