How to cheat at Poker


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Oct 25, 2010
I like to watch Poker on TV... not just the tournaments and games but any fun, poker-related shows. I wanted to share a clip from hypnotist Darren Brown teaching a granny (and poker virgin) to beat a bunch of pros through hypnosis, but it's proving a hard clip to find :(

You'll have to settle for this clip from 'The Real Hustle' for now until I can find it :)

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These guy's are experienced scam artists and are very good at what they do. If someone tried this without the experience and skill they they would get busted for sure. And the consequences could be very serious.
Yup... thats the one :) Thanks Jasmine :thumbsup:

Spelling the name wrong... I guess that explains why I couldn't find the link ;)

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