How to bet


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Mar 15, 2009
Hallo, its Christmas time soon, and all the people will bet on anything. Its a good opportunity to play the difficult way. That is play high if you are winning, and play the lowest if you are losing. Maybe a winning strake will occur and the profits will be big. After all its Christmas time.
Good luck to all


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Aug 28, 2009
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If I am winning and have some profit, I will make a decision as to how much of that I am willing to lose, divide it up into smaller bets so as to get a reasonable amount of play time out of it, and spin away.

For example, if I have deposited $100, and have made $60 for a balance of $160, I may decide to keep $40, and with the remaining $20 I can divide that into 20 $1 bets - something I would never do when my bankroll is $100. But since it's profit and I am willing to lose that portion, I am willing to take a chance, raise my bets and see if I get lucky. If I don't get lucky and lose it, at least I still have $40 of profit. :) If I win, I have even more profit. :) :)