How silly is this?


Time sure flys
May 24, 2008
I deposited and played on superslots. After redeeming my $2 bonus from the VIP software, I noted that my $2 wasn't on it. For kicks, I logged into silverdollar, and there it was. chat representative was helpful in showing me the errors of my way.

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Jurgen: Welcome to Casino Support. How may I assist you today?

d: d is my account number. Why did my vip point redeem to silverdollar when I redeemed through superslot. I don't want to play at silver dollar anymore

Jurgen: You might have not selected the correct account.

d: i logged in to superslots, clicked on redeem my points and then i redeemed.

Jurgen: Yes but there is a dropdown menu from which you can select the account number.

Jurgen: You might have not selected the correct account number there.

d: So how do I know if I have a vip account on superslots.

d: I was never given the oportunity to sign up

Jurgen: When you are on the confirmation page to redeem the points, click on the list to select in which account to redeem the points.

d: yet deposited approx 75 bucks

d: okay. It shouldn't be this way, but can you remove my bonus from silverdollar and put on superslots?

Jurgen: Unfortunately we are not able to do that.

d: who can do that for me?

Jurgen: It is not possible, we do not have the option to transfer between casinos,.

Jurgen: Each casino e handled separately.

d: Well I think someone needs to fix this problem. I have never heard of such a thing. That is, I log into a casino, use, their "redeem" button on their casino and the VIP software defaults to deposit on an other casino. This is the most laughable thing I have seen in a while. This is good stuff. Thanks for your time. I know it is not your faulty.

I just think the way the redeem feature works is lame, well about 25% of the feature is lame. The other 75% is cool.