Question How satisfied are you with mobile/tablet games?

How satisfied are you with mobile/tablet games?

  • Extremely satisfied - they are mobilicious.

    Votes: 23 10.4%
  • They are good - but there is room for improvement (please comment on why)

    Votes: 46 20.8%
  • Seldom play because they suck (please comment)

    Votes: 30 13.6%
  • I don't play because they don't offer the games I like.

    Votes: 69 31.2%
  • I don't play because I don't have a mobile device.

    Votes: 53 24.0%

  • Total voters
mobile - tablet games

Personally I find these useful only for entertainment and even then not so much ... I rarely spend time on games if im not winning $$ and to download a casino to an iphone just doesn't give me enough visuals - Also don't feel connection is that secure -
As I said they're great for entertaining children or waiting at the airport but not Serious Gaming.

Hope this helps,

My phone scares me.... lol...

Every app seems to want/have the authority to know where I am at all times and access to all my personal info.
If I want to disable one of these apps I get a warning message.... I fear my phone will self-destruct and take me with
If that isn't a good enough reason, I get a headache from squinting... ;)
mobile gaming

I have tried to play there is a few games that are ok, but mainly I find on my cellphone most of them cause my phone to be slow or the actual game itself is too slow, it could be my phone though. I will wait for the future to see the improvements

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