How real are no deposit bonuses?


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Sep 29, 2008
I found several sites that claim to offer free no deposit bonuses.

It seems that to get the no deposit bonuses I have to make deposits during the prior week... which means that it's not really a no deposit bonus, no? So how real are these so-called no deposit bonuses?
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Dec 16, 2004
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But the no deposit in lots of places are No Money Down just like The Rival Casinos have.


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Feb 18, 2008
I have had a few offers of no deposit bonuses and i have been lucky enough to cashout with a few of them. When support has asked me why are you cashing out i always just tell them if your looking for new depositors then I would like to make sure there is no problems in cashing out and there isnt weeks waiting period to see your winnings. Before i do take up any free chips or bonus offers in a new casino i have not played before i always forward my id off and wait for that green light email saying your clear and good to go. I only had one mg casino that asked me to deposit so they could forward my winnings I was a little worried at first but it worked out ok for me i deposited the 20 and withing 48 hours they paid me 280. The only bonus issues i have had is with the black listed rtg casinos they will do anything to not pay you even though their terms state otherwise and you have met all their conditions. The rival casinos free first time offers i have seen no problems with playtech for me was like jumping through hoops to get a payout from them and never did.


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Oct 12, 2006
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one thing's for sure. be sure to read the fine print. for example casino lux's home page says get a $30 free gift. well, it's not totally free. once you read the bonus terms you find out: In order to qualify for the new user welcome bonus, players must deposit a minimum of $5.

in another example, look at the mailings from casino rewards...get up to $500 in 30 minutes. sounds great until you read the terms that the $500 is bonus chips and you'll need to make a deposit to activate them.

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