How not to promote your honest casino!

I assume you're referring to the Table Blackjack excessive limit KK?

Assuming there was a 5,000gpb table limit, the 6975gbp could be achieved by hitting BJ with a 4650gbp bet....

Not unrealistic by any means, but definately a weird bet amount...
The BJ limit is £1000.
(The max you could win would be £12,000 if you played multi-hand, got 3 pairs, split them all, doubled all & won all hands. But the amount stated doesn't seem very likely!)
The spin 'n' win fruity max jackpot is £2,500.
Shoot out max bet is £1000, but I'm not sure if that is ante or total..? But again a weird total.

The site is down this-morning - maybe they're fixing it after I e-mailed them yesterday! :p
What's the point of mentioning the big winners all won from a single hand/spin. That only means they bet big, real big but do not serve any advertising purposes. Most casinos would do away with the 'single hand/spin' phrase and just mentioned that so-and -so won xxx amount playing yyy game. That should be enough.

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