Question How much of my bonus to dedicate in gambling?


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Nov 15, 2013
Exciting times again around the world, as Christmas fast approaches. And the gaming industry is not excluded from this. Year on year, we all look forward to our year end bonuses, and start thinking where to spend them.

For us gamers, how much to do we allot for gambling, and how much for other stuff. 2 years in row, that 50% of which, I have dedicated to gambling...

Did I win for both years? answer is [r]NO[/r].

Did I regret? the answer is [r]NO[/r].

Why is that? its because, its where my passion belongs.

We are no different to runners, who would allot a portion of their money to purchase a new running shoes; to a bookworm, who would perhaps spend all their money to buy new books. What is important, is that you get to enjoy and fulfill that inner satisfaction, and not deprived yourself out of it.

Note: Opposing as it may sound, but be a wise spender still...its not everyday you get a bonus. :)


Oct 26, 2008
only 2 posts :D and this statement my answer is if you have to ask then your apprehensive so I recommend do all of your obligations first then 20 percent of what's left

my .02 cents :D


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Sep 21, 2013
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The basic rule is to never gamble for more than you would be comfortable losing. It's a far more significant mistake to bet too much than to bet too little. You can always increase your bets later once you know how much risk you can tolerate.

Beyond that, it's largely personal preference. Keeping your spending in line with how much spend on other recreational activities seems like a good guideline. If you're comfortable with the amounts you wager, enjoy the experience, and won't be too put out if you end up losing, there's nothing wrong with taking some bigger shots at the games.

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