How much money does the casino make?


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Mar 22, 2003
Hello CM,
I read some time ago that a typical online casino wins $700 off every player on average. Is that true?


Apr 15, 2000
I also read an Australian article years ago saying the average loss for an online player was about US$8000 a year but it's probably not accurate.

A few years ago I think almost every casino was profitable. Boss Media said a few years ago that all their licensees were profitable when I asked whether they would pay if a licensee goes out of business (they said they would). Microgaming didn't reply.

Before then hardly any casinos closed and none from the major software companies. Now they close all the time.


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Jun 1, 2002
Way back in 96 I had a P130 with 64 meg of ram, back then it was high tech, now it's a dinosaur.
In just 7 seven years, we are seeing major developments, when 7 years previously we would have thought almost impossible.

Transpose this over to current online gambling. Every man & his dog have the ability to open a white label casino. Adding that the BIG software developers are now pushing out more casino's than ever.

I don't have any hard fact figures pertaining to the number of world wide gamblers & what their average bankrolls are per year.

From memory I think it was estimate that by 2004 the online gambling industry would hit the $4Billion a year mark.

Personally I don't see it as any wonder that some casino's simply go down the tubes.

IMHO these days it's not as simple to hold the thought of " build the casino add the games and they will come and they will stay. "


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Mar 29, 2002
Joel, did get the email I re-sent to you last night? I think I've finally un-screwed up my mailbox so you can reply this time.