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How much do you deposit at a casino?

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by andyhinckley, Jan 7, 2006.


How much per deposit per casino on average?

  1. 0 - 50 credits

    17 vote(s)
  2. 51-100 credits

    30 vote(s)
  3. 100 - 500 credits

    13 vote(s)
  4. 500 1000 credits

    2 vote(s)
  5. 1000+

    6 vote(s)
  6. Any of the above with bonuses

    4 vote(s)
    Jan 7, 2006
  1. andyhinckley

    andyhinckley Meister Member CAG mm3

    I thought i would do this for others to see how much on average people deposit on average at a time?

    I average 200 credits ( or $) a month.Or 50 credits at a time. But my next
    deposits always depends on my withdrawals. Some are monthly bonuses. Or it may be a 50 for a Sunday nights entertainment to unwind.

    (Discussions are welcome)
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2006
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  2. Jan 7, 2006
  3. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Dormant account

    my self
    well i deposit any amount ive deposited 600 before was the most but thats when i win i usually deposit from 30 to 100 dollars depends
  4. Jan 7, 2006
  5. tim5ny

    tim5ny Quit Gambling

    $100.00 minimum and usually never more than $250.00
  6. Jan 7, 2006
  7. Slotmachine

    Slotmachine Dormant account

    The poll's missing my choice: Any of the above with or without bonuses:D

    I deposit anything from $10 to $2,000 at one time. Mostly $50-$150 I guess. Thousands, very rarely.

    An interesting question to the members of this forum would be: How much per month on an average? I'd like to see a poll about that. A poll would be good because one could answer anonymously, as not everybody likes to disclose that.

    My figure for the past year is about $3000/month. This was actually quite OK for the first half of the year when I was winning something and withdrew about as much as I deposited, but I suspect this year it's gonna be much less, because I haven't been winning at all lately..My return for the past 6 mo is horrible, maybe 30-40%. But once I hit something biggish, I'll probably start depositing more again...

  8. Jan 7, 2006
  9. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister


    Hi "andyhinckley",

    Great idea for a thread/poll. :thumbsup: I generally do $50/$100 (or $132 ;) ) deposits. I've rarely deposited beyond that amount at most casinos, and at least to me, if I'm not going to win on $100, it just wasn't meant to be.

    Kind of an oddity, but if I have (let's say) $237 USD in my NeTeller account, I'm more than likely going to make a single $100 (wherever I feel the luckiest), 2 smaller deposits of $50 at 2 other casinos, and I get excited about making something big out of that $37 deposit (the leftovers). Not sure why, but I seem to generally have great luck on the "leftovers" deposits. :what: But I do. :thumbsup:


  10. Jan 7, 2006
  11. mikepipe

    mikepipe Dormant account

    still progressing
    leftover winners

    Mr Steeds mentioning the small "leftover deposits" brought me to the following idea:
    Is there enough stuff to open a thread in which we collect the "last second winners", the big - or even not so big - shots, we got on the very last spins of our bankrolls?

    I had two of them last week (but no screenshots :eek: ), which apparently made my mind thinking in these crazy terms...

    T.struck blew me 5 thorish hammers on the last but one spin for 600 and springbreak - when i was down to 40 (ok: not teh very very last) bucks showed me 15 free spins, which were retriggered and in the 28. freegame it hammered 5 red cars doubled - 1,5k. Jjjjesus--

    Whats your opinion: should we try to collect some of these experiences, which i find absolutely thrilling (especially when i know thze happy end!!)
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  12. Jan 7, 2006
  13. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister



    A pretty good idea "mikepipe". I can't tell you the amount of times I've played Thunderstruck where I'm down on my last .90 cents, and I managed to line-up 5 hammers (about 3 times) or get 3 Rams (very often). :notworthy Not sure why that seems to frequently happen to me at that time (not even times before it has to come to that and lower my bet :rolleyes: ), but I'm always thankful to have another shot at redemption. :D

    There have been a lot of posts like that (in the "Winner Screenshots" thread), where the player was down to the last bet and caught-fire.

    If anything, it makes the shot look THAT much more sensational. :)

    I think the only problem with starting a thread like that, would be being able to keep it visible. If you go 3-4 days without a post (no shots that fit the criteria), the thread would be forgotten about.

    I'd support it with shots of my own though, IF and WHEN the time comes. :thumbsup:

    Notice: That might be some time though, had a rough December, so I'm playing it very low key at the moment.


    Last edited: Jan 7, 2006
  14. Jan 7, 2006
  15. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    Oooops! I voted for option 1 before my tired eyes got to option 6! :oops:

    99% of my deposits earn bonuses.
    My average is about 46-48 credits (Half are $, half )
    If I convert my to $ my monthly total is about $700 - $900.
  16. Jan 7, 2006
  17. Macgyver

    Macgyver Dormant account PABnononaccred

    North Carolina
    Same here, but I can't seem to stomach depositing anything over ... $200 was the most, I think.

    Usually, it's around $100, maybe $150 (to Pat and Ed). :thumbsup:
  18. Jan 8, 2006
  19. amatrine

    amatrine Crazy Cat Lady webmeister

    Arizona City, Az

    I usualy do 50-100 at a time though sometimes I like to throw in 200.

    I would say my monthly average is around a thousand.

    If I had a big win somewhere, mabey more.

  20. Jan 8, 2006
  21. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    My monthly depends directly on how well I do...
  22. Jan 8, 2006
  23. schnozzy

    schnozzy Dormant account

    My monthly count varies wwwaaaayyy too much

    I don't play steadily each month. Depends too much on how busy I am, and whether or not I've managed to sneak in a trip to Mecca... I mean Vegas!
  24. Jan 9, 2006
  25. dickens1298

    dickens1298 Dormant account

    LA, California
    Mine varies from $500 to several thousand. With the market and b&m casinos vying for my capital, it's difficult to justify consistently playing online.

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