how much do you deposit a month

How much do you deposit a month

  • less then 100

    Votes: 3 4.9%
  • 100-500

    Votes: 23 37.7%
  • 501-1000

    Votes: 10 16.4%
  • 1000-2000

    Votes: 11 18.0%
  • 2000 +

    Votes: 14 23.0%

  • Total voters
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this is for sm ;)

how much do you deposit a month you can post your response if youd like if you dont want to share thats fine too, i deposit like 1500 to 2000 a month


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I voted for 100-500, but now this month I've already come close to that...and if I am (please, please, please) lucky enough to hit a decent cashout somewhere, it would be more than that.


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I deposited about $1,500 per month on average for '05, but I'm going to be dropping down to about $150 (!!!) per month in '06. IF and WHEN (and IF again) I can build-up my (NeTeller) bankroll, that figure will likely increase. I decided in '06 not to go chasing after what's not there.




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I'm between 100-500 most of the time. Although it varies greatly, which is why I've been told by my wife to pick an amount for each month and stick with it :rolleyes:



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I have to say I have put in around 2000 a month in the last months. WAY TOO MUCH!!!

I have maybe cashed out 600 this month. WAY TOO LITTLE.

Forget sometimes its real money and just type in whatever number that suits me on a given day. Will tone it down.


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I agree that Dave possibly needs to chill out and take a break from rtg but I think this thread would warrant attention if comparisons can be made on the average monthly deposits in 2006 and the present ie 2011.


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Please don't bump up 4 year old threads for no apparent reason.

Thread closed.

Please feel free to start a new poll/thread on the same subject.
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