How many 'casinos of the year' are there?


Apr 15, 2000
Last week Global-Player claimed in an email to be OPA casino of the year and today I received an email from Stanley Leisure claiming to be OPA's 'Casino of the Year'

P.S. Gamemaster, I see you are logged on but I missed the final of the tournament. Who won?


Apr 15, 2000
So are both casinos the 'OPA Casino of the Year' ?!!!

Why don't you also make me (or all the OPA members!) Gambler of the Year ;)


Apr 15, 2000
Below is Stanley's 'Seasons Greetings' email.

Wishing you a happy holiday, From Stanley Leisure plc

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you seasons greetings and hope you have a prosperous new year.

I would also like to applaud you for making the informed choice of visiting one of our casinos in the past year. As you
know we are still regarded as one of the most trusted and reputable casinos on the net and in an industry full of
non-descript operators you can rest assured that Stanley Leisure, the largest UK casino operator will always deal from the
top of the deck.

However you will be pleased to know that we will not rest on our laurels, but will endeavour to continue improving our
service to you in many ways as 2002 unfolds.

:confused: With that in mind I am pleased to announce that we have been voted the OPA Casino of the Year. For those of you who don't
know the OPA or Online Players Association is widely regarded as the foremost organisation in providing support and
information for customers of online casinos. :confused:

It is with great pride that we are glad to accept this prestigious award as it means that we are providing a superior
service to you our valued customers.

With that I will leave you to enjoy your holidays wherever you are, be it in icy Northern Europe or the sunny climes of the

Kindest regards

Andy Mace
Casino Manager
Stanley Leisure Online Casinos

PS Don't forget we are still running our great double and triple platinum points promotion so get more for your money.

PPS While taking advantage of our great offer above, every $10 you wager before the 6th January 2002 will get you a
free entry into our Happy Holidays Prize Draw where one lucky customer will really start the New Year with a bang by
walking away with our first prize of $5,000. We also have 200 runners up prizes so everyone is in with a chance. Don't
delay play now to get your entries in.


Apr 15, 2000
Below is Gobal-Player's Newsletter.

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Volume 1 Issue 8 December 14, 2001

In This Issue

:confused: Casino of the Year Award for Global Player provided by the Online Players
Association :confused:
Win $2,500 in the 6th Global-Player Blackjack Tournament
Gambling Community Party on Dec. 30th hosted by Global Player


Happy Holiday Season! Sunny Greetings from our Caribbean Island!

The best is yet to come or do thought the year is almost gone? We prepared two
upcoming events to celebrate some real gambling excitement for your Christmas


The Online Players Association, most respected gambling institution, honors Global
Player Casino with its Casino of the Year Award. We are pleased and honored to
receive this compliment for our outstanding approach towards customer satisfaction
and cutting edge technology. Many thanks to all our players who have helped to build
up this reputation as this award reflects user opinions on how a casino should interact
with its customers. We appreciate the work done by the Online Players Association and
we consider this tribute as an incentive to continue trying even harder to accomplish
gamblers expectations!


Beginning this Saturday, December 15th, 00:00 Eastern with the qualification round
for our 6th Blackjack Tournament till Tuesday, December 18th, 22:00 Eastern. The
Tournament will be played to our Atlantic City rules and all winnings can be kept or
cashed out, no matter if you qualify for the final or not.

Last time challenger Sirius played a thrilling and fascinating game against the
GameMaster. To watch it was a salutary example of how to play Blackjack. It was level
pegging till the last round and as it turned out Sirius was not as lucky as he deserved it.
The 1st. Prize now increases to $2,500. Is the GameMaster going to do it again or will
he succumb to this months qualifier. Just imagine what you could do with $2,500
bucks at Christmas, perhaps a trip to our sunny island in the Caribbean for a laid back
Christmas on the beach. It could be so simple, just beat the GameMaster in the final on
December 21st.

1st Prize: $300 in bonus chips or

US$2,500 in cash if the contestant wins the final!

2nd Prize: $200 in bonus chips
3rd Prize: $100 in bonus chips

Prepare yourself by going to our guest games section and choose the replay #5
GameMaster Blackjack Tournament Final and watch the pros playing an outstanding
contest. Do not forget if you do not make it to the final

The final takes place on

Friday December the 21st, at 20:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

You can watch the whole game and join other spectators and the contestants in our
Chat room. The live game and our amazing chat feature can be accessed through our front page.

A detailed information link is provided on our

GLOBAL-PLAYER Tournament Page

So see you soon at the Tournament tables.


Global Player will host the second Gamblerz Edge Nite Out on December the 30th at
8pm Eastern. Three other outstanding gambling communities will support this event:
Lady Vs Online Casino Portal, KyBeautys Place and High Seas Gambling Board. We
appreciate their efforts and inspiration for a big community party to celebrate the end of
2001. Let us meet in the Global Player Chat Room and have a blast!

Prizes totaling $200 in bonuses will be awarded in the following categories:



**Video Poker**

Each person will be assigned a lucky number and will meet in the Roulette Room
where we will Spin the wheel ... if your number comes up ...
YOU ARE A WINNER!!!!!!! Everyone is Welcome!!!!

Thank you for reading the Global-Player Newsletter.

We wish you the best of luck for upcoming celebrations!
Have a pleasant and peaceful Christmas! Hope to see you all back in 2002!

Merry Christmas.

The Global-Player Team


Jan 12, 2001
Pretty funny :) I think the idea was generally to give outstanding casinos an award... Any one of you OPA committee members want to clear this up a bit?

I like them both, so I have no problem with the selections :)


Dormant account
Oct 6, 1999
Where is Steve? I haven't seen or heard from him on these forums since the Sept. 11 masacre.

I know he does a lot of volunteer work for charity, so perhaps this is the reason?


Dormant account
Dec 12, 2000
Yep, Steve is swamped during this season, it's a rush hour for his day job.

Global Player and Stanley Leisure. Well, to be honest, at this point I'm happy it's only two casinos and that it's two quality casinos for this particular OPA screwup.