How Malaysians Make Deposits?


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If there are Malaysian players out there, could I just ask what is your easiest payment(deposit) method? What is the fastest and most affordable way to make deposits into casinos.

I've seen agents of Playtech and CWC but are there any agents for Microgaming/RTG/OddsOn? If there are, could you please tell me about them? I'd really want to play in Microgaming casinos but the most unfortunate thing is that I am too lazy to go through all the hassle and etc.

Hope you people could help :)

Thanx for your time.


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As far as I know, it is illegal.

But gambling is not illegal per se, as Malaysia has 1 casino and also horse racing and lotto.

But the Internet is largely unregulated. Enforcement is not easy.

P.S. As a Malaysian myself, I know how lax our law enforcement is. :p

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