How long to get paid from Spin Palace?


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Jan 10, 2006
I cashed out $800 on Friday night/Sat morning. (Started with $50:) :thumbsup: ) It still says "work in progress". How long does it usually take to hit Neteller? Can you tell I Rarely cash out anything:)? I want to play, but that is my entire bankroll. Any ideas anyone?

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I cashed out around $400 last weekend (I think it was Saturday) and it hit Neteller Monday afternoon.

There is usually a 24 reversal period and then it hits NT within 24 hours after that.

However, I have had a couple in the past month that took several days.
For me they have been taking 2-3 days to pay during the week, and up to 3-4 days over the weekend.

I bet you'll get paid tomorrow.

Nice hit. :thumbsup:
Yes, it takes a "few" days. Great casino, too long for payouts, especially for Neteller transactions. On my seldom play list with others that take longer than 24 hours sad to say.

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