How large is the industry?


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Just a quick question to any one who might have an estimate to the dollar amount wagered on line. Is the industry in the 100 mil or is it in Biln's? And just for my own curiosity what is an estimate of Blackjack wagering online? Hope to hear something.

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Here's a recent InfoPowa report on an article that covers this.

The final par is probably the most relevant to your enquiry because I believe the Bear Sterns and CCA estimates deal with online casinos whilst many of the other estimates talk about online gambling in a generic (eg sportsbooks and lotteries included) sense.


Warming investors' hearts

Financial projections for the online gambling business continue to make interesting reading despite the depredations of US politicians.

In an article this week, the following analyst opinions were aired:

It is estimated that in excess of a trillion dollars is wagered annually worldwide on the various forms of gambling. Gambling industry analyst Terri Walker estimates that overall online gambling turnover was $11.5 billion in 2000, with the volume increasing to $21.5 billion in 2002, with revenue equalling about $1.3 billion. These numbers would cover all online gambling and not merely casino activity.

The Casino and Gaming Market Research handbook further anticipates online wagering of over $30 billion by 2005. This report also notes that Datamonitor estimates the worldwide number of wireless gamblers will reach 500 million by 2006, generating $17.5 billion in revenue.

Business Week estimates that online consumers gambled more than $11.4 billion in 2002 alone. The publication also adds that all over Europe, Internet surfers are visiting gambling and gaming sites in record numbers, helping online betting become one of the fastest-growing businesses on the Internet.

Computer Almanac Industry peg revenues of $6 billion for the online gaming and gambling marketplace for 2002, with projections for 2004 expected to exceed $10 billion.

A Bear Stearns report for the online casino industry shows annual revenue at $4.2 billion for 2003, while Christiansen Capital Advisors predicts a slightly rosier picture pointing to an estimated $4.5 billion in revenue for calendar year 2002, saying 2005 revenue could exceed $10 billion. InformaMedia Group, which tracks electronic gambling predicts that overall online gaming revenue will even reach $14.5 billion by 2006.


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Thank you for the information as well as including the names of the articles and reference groups as I can now follow this on my own. Have a great day!

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