How is ConnectoCasino the number 3 casino at


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May be that list is for the worst online casinos on the planet?
Then if connecto is no. 3 then it is not too far off! :)


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I know I will get a lot of grief for this, but.....

:) :) I have been playing at ConnectoCasino for some time now. Mainly because I only had a few dollars to wager and they offered such a big bonus. So I end up with a larger amount to play and it lasts longer. Since I usually only wager $20 of my money, if I lose it I don't feel bad. However, I have been known to meet the 30x WR and even cash out a bit. And their new Cleopatra's Gold slot is a lot of fun and I like it better than Tombraider! (that will be an unpopular statement around here but it is the truth) BTW, I do not work for CTC, know anyone who does, am not affiliated with CTC, nor have any other reason to give this opinion.


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Thats what happens when you get paid for votes!! I dont blame Phoenician and Nostalgia for switching, it has to be awfully tough when you are running a reputable site and your software provider has licensed so many deadbeats and scammers, what a shame I like some of the RTG stuff but shy away because of the reputation.