How I Choose Online Sportsbooks


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I always start at Sportsbook Review dot com. There are several sites that claim to be industry watchdogs for online sportsbooks, but from my several years' experience SBR is the best. Not perfect, but the best.

Read their reviews and ratings of sportsbooks. They have hundreds of sportsbooks listed. Read other people's complaints and resolution, if any. There are more sportsbook scams than casino scams, so use due diligence.

Not to be too self-promoting, but I operate a small affiliate website, and I promote sportsbooks. I only promote sportsbooks that have been highly rated and prove reliable. I only promote sportsbooks where I have had an account and risked my own money. There are many sportsbooks where I have risked money that I will not promote. You can use my website as a short cut to the much larger SBR list.

As a forum operator and moderator, I think I have probably already pushed my limits here, so I will not post my link, but if you want to find my site, just google my screen name.