How have things changed financially?


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Feb 4, 2006
I can't help but wonder how things have changed financially overall and specifically for online casinos since the recent legislation. I know that I haven't been doing as well as far as winnings/hits since then. There is a "once in awhile" shock here and there with some kind of win, but I wonder if that, plus some of the noted problems with some of the major casino groups and online casinos are some type of result as well. Even the communication sometimes, much slower response times (to emails and such) with certain casinos...leads me to think perhaps they have had to cut down on staffing, etc. I don't mean to point out or wrongfully accuse any casino of doing anything, so I am not going to note any names specifically when it comes to this "hypothesis".

Just wanted to get some thoughts and ideas on this. I'm starting to think that if I continue to deposit anymore, I wish there were a way on checking (legally, with info that is available to the public) an online casino's financial statement summary (10-Ks, revenue/profit and loss statements, etc.) Anyone have any info on this? I think that if I play I would like to make sure a corporation's outlook is good, or at least stable.
the only thing different that i have noticed is that i never win. i think they know that it is only a matter of time before they are totally out of the U.S. market and they are hanging us out to dry.
A new dawn for online gambling

If you are genuinely worried and would like some clarity on online casinos finances then I would wait until sep 2007 when online casinos will be legalised in the UK.
This is because the 2005 gaming act issued by the gambling commision comes into force at this time.
This should pretty much guarentee that Casinos have the necessary resourses and all their games are fare with plenty of information on payouts etc available.
Check this link for relevant info:
Old / Expired Link
All UK based Casino's will be certified and regulated by the Gambling comission.

I receive existing player VIP bonuses at many casinos. I have noticed that the amount of free chips on offer has dropped by about a third or more. I have also found that server congestion is just as bad without the US players logging on!
The only group that seems not to have reduced promotions is Jackpot Factory, who have increased the VIP promotions a little.
Christmas will be telling, as this is when many casinos dish out the most generous promotions. Thanksgiving was a total flop this year, whereas 2 years ago this yielded a similar level of promotions as Christmas. Clearly, with Thanksgiving being an American holiday, this comes as no surprise.
Other than RTG, I have not seen any long term signal for a cut in payouts, although this does not mean that new game releases are as generous as the old. I have noticed that Club World have made a cut in paytables at one game, 3 card poker. Playing recently, I noticed it was 35/25 - a real pisstake!
I am sure it was 40/30 or 40/25 before, and other RTG casinos and MG are 40/30. As well as that, Club World have also almost halved the Ante bonus payouts on hands from the straight upwards.

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