How do you react to a big loss?


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Aug 7, 2020
I think the most i've lost in a night was 3 grand but I think at one point I was down 3 and had 1500 in pending withdrawal which i reversed and then lost :( That was when I took a cooling off for 6 weeks till as all I knew all id want to do was try and win some back the next day.

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Jan 5, 2020
I used to go crazy like many.. but now that i know our results are tracked and system control the RTP long term, i know that what i lost under the RTP will return eventually.. and it always does... so always that i don't even bother anymore. The system is so controlled that i can predict the future like dam crystal ball.. suffer here knows.. im the predicator! Makes it now pretty boring as i know when/how much im due.. then when i get it i know when it's over and when i'll rip because i reached my "ceiling". I don't really care people argueing that anymore.. after 3 years streaming i could call everything so precisely that's not even debatable anymore.. either everything is completly controlled or i am a super living crystal ball with superpowers....
Oh good, it's going to be another one of these threads.

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Oct 25, 2006
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Over my many years of gambling, ive had many big losses. Never nice but mostly forgotten the next day. Ive never really had an out of control losing session. If say in Vegas I have a $500 budget a day, I never would end up blowing $2000. I might occasionally try another couple hundred at worst.

Online im the same, try to lose no more than £100 in a night, but sometimes £150 if it goes real quick and I got company gambling, just to try and enjoy a couple of hours with my mate or mussis.