How do you rationalize cashing out?


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Mar 2, 2020
I noticed I have a big problem when it comes time to cash out.

I typically deposit 50-100$ per session. Obviously I lose most of the time and on occasion guilty of chasing some losses.

But whenever I deposit like 50$ for example, I can typically get it up to 100,150, and sometimes even $200+

But I won't usually cashout unless I hit 300-400+

For me I play with bitcoin so I get hit with fees moving stuff around so I feel like a lot of people would be happy to deposit $50 and cash out 100, but when its all said and done I lose about 3$ in fees just buying and sending bitcoin over, and then another 3-5$ in cashing out bitcoin to USD, assuming I didnt lose more if bitcoin goes down during that time. So it makes it hard for me to justify cashing out $100 even though its 100% profit because I know I'm going to lose probably 10$ in fees so I need just a little bit more.

But then I think to myself, do I really want to cash out 100$ only for me to want to play again the next day and just lose more money on fees adding money back into the casino. May as well play up to a point where I feel like its worth cashing out. This is when I get to a point when I could be up 200$ and then just feed it all back because I feel like its more of a hassle to withdrawl knowing I'm just going to deposit again to keep playing throughout the day/week.

So I basically have mindset going in that if I deposit like 50-100$ I won't bother cashing out unless I hit at least 300-400$. Which is definitely possible, but gambling is a losing venture already and I feel like I'm losing way more than I should be by building up $50 deposits into $200+ and then losing it all because I didn't hit that 300-400 zone.

So I'm wondering if anyone is in the same boat. I know its probably easier for the rest of the world where you can just deposit and withdrawl using a card, but here in the US its a pain the ass with bitcoin. So curious to get everyones thoughts on their deposit and withdrawl strategies.


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Jan 19, 2019
Get an online wallet - I use Canadian funds and fund that wallet via interac

then can move funds from casino to wallet to casino and back and no fees
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Aug 30, 2016
I used to never cash out...meaning i lost 100% of what i put in when i played online...almost cac=shed in once but couldn't wait the 48 hours reverse time...never bothered asking customer service to freeze it so i cant reverse. The same thing started to happen when i went to local casinos...didnt matter if i would go up 1K i would end up playing trying to win higher and eventually trying to rewin what i had i would finish the night with nothing every time. That's when i realized it was time to self exclude at the local casinos and also did online.

I started gambling again a couple of years later but the biggest difference now is most of the time i cash out when i have doubled my money...even if its within a few minutes of starting....sometimes if i try and go higher it works but most of the time you end up losing it.

Sometimes i play bonuses and depending on the bonus terms i'll either play through or i'll cancel the bonus if i can after a good win (or lose the bonus and my deposit

if you keep finding excuses not to cash out unless you reach higher amounts maybe you need to rethink things....either stop playing or go down to more realistic limits. Another thing that has worked for me in the past is once i reach a certain amount to keep keeping track of my highest balance and to quit if i go x amount below that. Again that's a hard limit...i find if i play based on the limits i give myself i'll stop and cash out most of the time. keeping track of the highest balance i have allows me to keep playing as long as i keep winning more than i lose so sometimes that pays off...most of the time i find i have to stop because i'm x below the highest balance i have had but at least i stop most of the time.

The important thing is whatever you decide to do is to stick with it and if you find you never reach what you plan to do to lower your expecations. I can also concur that muchbetter is great and they do support BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP. withdrawals to that costs 2% of the amount


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Oct 20, 2010
I deposit in 30s so I like to cash out in multiples of 30 - 30,60,90 etc, exceptions are if I hit big I will then often take the lot out.

I will also happily walk away breaking even if the session goes nowhere, played a few hours and have not won or lost take the deposit back and save it for another time.
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