How do you place no risk wagers?


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Everyone knows casino's don't allow 'no risk wagers' on Roulette, Craps & Baccarat for bonus qualification - but I don't understand this.
Starting with Roulette - can some please tell me how it is possible to place a no (zero) risk wager on Roulette?
Mathematically I can not figure out ANY way to bet that 100% gurantees you will not lose a penny. Anyone know???


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you bet $100 on black $100 on red and $6.00 on Zero therefore you wager $206 per spin but have a maximum loss of $6.00 and a possible $10.00 gain if it hits zero. You could get your wagering done with very little risk.


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The whole thing is the context of bonus wagering. The above example would be considered as a low risk wager, because you can only lose $6 although you have $206 on the table. You are not really risking $206.

The best example is putting the same amount, say $1 on every number. You "wager" $37 and are guaranteed to win $36.

Let's say Intercasino is offering $100 bonus with $2500 wagering requirement. If playing roulette and covering all the numbers counted towards the wagering requirements, you could put $1 on all numbers 68 times (68*37=2516) to satisfy the WR and take home $100-$68=$32 profit without any risk. Hence the term "no-risk" wager.

You can do similar things with craps, baccarat and sic bo, this is why they are usually excluded if you are playing with a bonus.


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Baccarat or Sic bo?

I know this is breaking out a months old question, but I got asked this myself and had no idea ...

I understand the concept behind no-risk wagering with craps or roulette, but how exactly would a player do it in baccarat or sic bo? I'm not very familiar (at all) with these games, so don't really know how to answer the question.

Appreciate it ... :thumbsup:


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We do not carry sic bo, but on baccarat betting on both player and bank t same time.
If a player ask before play starts if there wagers will be counted towards wagering requirements on the big three, I will always say yes, as long as there are no cancelation bets, as I call them on those games. This is where he original bonus beater status came from.