How do you bet? What system do you use?


Andrew Hooker

When I want to make money rather than just chance my luck on anything, I use the martingale system when betting in both roulette and craps (even money bets only). I always set a loss limit and a target to win. So, I usually set a loss limit of $100 and a win target of $50. Depending on how the dice or numbers are running, I can usually get to my $50 betting on either with not too much trouble. Once I make my $50, I leave the table, or if online, go out of the program and surf the net, sometimes I might go out of the game into the lobby, go and make a coffee, then go back in and try for another $50. The trick is to stop at the limits you have set regardless of wether you think you are on a winning streak or not, because sooner or later, the losing streak will hit. Learn to recognise the losing streak, and only continue IF you have the bankroll to play it out. My advice is to get out of it, preserve the bank balance, and live to bet another day.
I have used this sytem in the real casino and online.
I will also ask a friend of mine if he minds me posting our other craps system that we use, so stand by. Just don't hold your breath.

Whats your favorite method of betting to win?
Game is roulette and I too set a limit when to stop. Start with a 100 units minimum. Furthermore I use Analyzer from arctichouse to record the numbers. Last 2 weeks +1900$. Just love online
casinos. Pro.

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