How could this happen ? PayPal / Hacker ?


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Hello every one, I am really confused, last week I got a call from my bank and they wanted to know If I Autherized a 1500.00 withdrawl from my bank account to paypal, I said no way.
I called PayPal and told them what happened, and that I did not request this, and asked them how could this person do this ? and also mentioned that this person has a web site and is a Verified memeber of Pay Pal.
They said the only way this person could of made a request for this money from my bank account was to "go into my PayPal account" and make the request.
I have not gave any one my pass, and no one has access to my comp, so how did this person get my pass?
And what seems so weird is that this person is a Verified member with PayPal and PayPal would have there address and phone # to track them down.
So I guess what I am looking for here is other points of view on how this happened.
Write now I have my account froze and I cant use it till all this is worked out, but PayPal has told me almost nothing on this matter and it has been a week.
I would like my money out of my account,that is for sure.
Any ideas?


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Please do not take offence, because I am not levelling any comments at you personally but writing in general terms.

There have been attempts in the past to defraud casinos or other outfits using this sort of scenario so you have to be very careful that you have a genuine and fully documented case. Keep all copies of emails and try and keep everything in writing. And stay on PayPal's case in order to resolve this asap.


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I understand your point there , but this website-person has nothing to do with a casino, even though all I use my paypal account is for gameing.


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May he used a trojan horse or some malicious codes in the web that stole your password of PayPal.Only my person opinion.


I have also had an experience with pay-pal,I used it for e-bay purchases. got a phone call from western union, they said they check any money transfers that come from the internet, seems someone used my checking information to try and send money to south america.I never could get anyone to respond from pay-pal. I hadn't used my account for a year and was not ever going to use them again, when I surrendered to the temptation of a quick ten bucks offered from a casino , by the way I have a special checking account to use only on the internet so I can keep track better, at that time pay-pal was the only one who had my account number...well back to present, I discovered an overcharge from pay-pal to a casino. couldn't get any help from them or the casino, I put a stop on pay-pal purchases, somehow the bank credited my account for the overcharge. I still don't know who's to blame, the casino or pay-pal. ofcourse I can't use pay-pal any longer, as if I would. any business is only as good as the people they employ, and I suspect there is a cayote at the ranch running amuck''''''


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If people think that some online casinos are difficult to deal with, they obviously haven't dealt with these mega-businesses like Paypal or It's strictly automated and to get anyone to respond to emails is like expecting coherant emails in the English language from It just ain't gonna happen.



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"and to get anyone to respond to emails is like expecting coherant emails in the English language from"

Good one, Bryan :D :rofl: