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Oct 9, 2006
Im sure that this has been discussed before but because I am new, I probably missed the whole things. If it was beaten to death, don't worry about it, Ill live

How come you can't transfer within the same group? Like say, Ruby Fortune and (lets just say for sake of conversation) Spin Palace are owned by the same company and you have $100 in R.F. but you wanna play at S.P., I wish you could transfer your money to that casino like how they have those connection cards that link real live casinos owned by the same group

I think the casinos would benefit even more because alot of people like me cash out after a win, wait for their money, and try another casino. If they let you transfer within the same group, they have a better a chance of keeping your winnings and we get a better choice with what to do with our winnings.

Oh, Boy, I just have a feeling Im gonna get ripped for this one, But I got tough skin
also in grand priv group

5 Microgaming casino's that gives you 1 account nr for all 5
the balance moves from casino to casino ,this way you can deposit in all but play in one
We allow it


We do allow it (Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune:))
The only time when it creates problems is when bonuses are involved.
There are also plans in the neart future to have one balance for our group, so money is usable on all our casino's. I can't go into to much detail yet though .

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The Palace Group

I got an email from both of those casinos saying they had to close my account because I live in the USA. PA isnt even on the states listed

Thanks for the info on the sharing though :)
Most of the Microgaming casinos group allow players transfer the balances between their casinos.

How do you make a transfer, I look at the sites and never see links that say "tranfser to another one of our casinos" When you make a w/d that's when they should have a prompt that says something like "instead of a w/d would you like to try another one our casino?"
At least for the ones I'm aware of, you contact customer support and ask them to do the transfer. They typically need to check to ensure the funds aren't tied to any wagering requirements... i.e. they are free and clear as if you were making a cashout.

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