How can we mend MG slots?


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Obviously everyone's really pissed about what Microgaming have done to their slots!

What action can you take to help, if any?
What do you think is the best thing us players can do to lobby MG to 'fix' their mess?

I think I speak for most posters:-
We want all the 'old' slots put back how they were (Thunderstruck etc..) with none of this 'judder' effect, and the reels stopping much quicker.

We want Tomb Raider, and Secret Admirer to also have shorter spin cycles (i.e. less delay between reels 2,3,4 & 5 stopping)

Can you help us please?
(We're desperate!)
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I to would like this answered please!

I have been waiting for a reply to this also! I use to deposit on a daily basis, to microgaming. That is until the newer games were installed. After trying to play thunderstruck this week-end in a tournament I found, it has yet to be improved and was wondering what if anything is being done to correct the problems at Microgaming slots? Where I use to be able to play upwards of 200 spins per minute I am now playing 77 to 80 spins per minute! The word slow is to mild for the bonus or feature games. I deposit to play, sit back and enjoy. Instead I came away after 5 hour's totaly frustrated. The reel's continualy bob up and down, and spin sometimes for 45 seconds befor finaly stopping. I feel until the casino's go to Microgaming and try and get this resolved it will continue. I am not on dial up. For now I think my best option is to just play at Playtech, or RTG until this issue is resolved. It is just a wee bit frustrating when you have the $$ to spend on your favourite gaming, and end up feeling aggitated, instead of coming away with the feeling at least I had a good time playing! Thank You for allowing me to post my concern's also! Your's in gaming! poooh1947


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KasinoKing said:
Is the Meister ever going to answer my question?
Or do you think he's on a reeeeeeaaaallllly long lunch break...! :rolleyes:
You caught me during my travel prep - and on the roadness.

Yes, I agree the newer "jolting" slots suck. Being a slots fan myself, let me see if I can steer some people in the right direction...but this may be something beyond our control.


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KasinoKing said:
Is the Meister ever going to answer my question?
Or do you think he's on a reeeeeeaaaallllly long lunch break...! :rolleyes:
I am told that this is already being addressed as a matter of urgency by Microgaming and should be sorted shortly - they have been directed to and are aware of the various comments and complaints regarding slowness and juddering.


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I have tried Thunderstruck and skullduggery many times with the following: start playing,then minimise the screen and restore it to normal size after about 10 seconds. When you start playing again the slots will resume normal speed although there is still the juddering effect for the first 3 reels. Hope it works for you guys. It certainly worked for me.