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Feb 9, 2005
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Got on to golden reef today an a jonathan F. hits over 100,000 on 6 slot games total. 40,000 on loaded 39,000 on moonshine thats right 39,000 on moonshine. What the hell is this guy pulling 500.00 a pull. He won well over 100,000 on playing slot games within 2 days. I no where im not going to be playing for a while that must of broke them, i not going to be making up for his wins.

These are "payouts" not total wins. These huge wins are inevitably the result of placing big bets and hitting a fairly decent bonus round. I find it hard to believe that such a run could come from modest wagering as I find these big hits to be very rare indeed. I have only ever really had one slot "monster", which was the 4000+ on Spring Break at a mere 2.70 per spin. This was 5 scatters DURING free spins. 100 to 200 x stake is not uncommon on slots though, and if played enough a few of these hits will come along in a day or two of hard play. If playing max coins and bets, such totals are possible, but I doubt they reflect total winnings, as the dry spells can be murderous on such large bets.
It is possible that this player hit big, and then upped the bet and played hard with the casino's money and did reasonably well enough to keep ahead. With a 10K per week cashout limit, the temptation to still play with big wins is there for some time.
I would expect this guy to have a good run in the daily tournaments for a while with the money, as happened last time a big hit was made on Munchkins.
I'd take MG "big winners" announcements with a pinch of salt! When I hit the five scatters on Tally Ho for 4k, it showed up on the winners page as "Tally Ho Slot - 8200". I think they take the total payback on your session - excluding what you put in to get some out!!! Crypto's are far more accurate with the exact figure displayed.

I was thinking last night, my biggest single hit on a single spin was at a Crypto - amazing when you consider the comparative amount I play them against Microgaming...
the amount on payout is

No the amount on the payout screen is correct because when i hit 4500.00 on high 5 mega slot at golden reef thats what it showed up as and that was about 4 years ago. This same guy hit major millions for about 479,000 two years ago at the same place. Then that same week he had payouts on slots only there over 140,000 total on slots alone then. It has to be playing the max which i am not sure how high you can bet per spin. Get on there web site and take alook for yourself because this is twice that this guy has had a run like this.Trust me i find this hard to believe myself. I have been playing there for about 4 years and can't win at all there. How do you win 40,000 on loaded and then the next day 39,000 on moonshine i mean come on.

The only limits that can be raised are deposit limits. Cards can go up to $5000 EACH on request, and even more with management approval. Max cashout at Platinum is still $10,000 per week (or 10,000), however, at Platinum it is possible to exceed this using Instant Payments of $2500 per 24 hour period. The upper limits on the slots is just as high as other MG, and the coin based slots go very high indeed. Cabin Fever can go to $200 per spin, and bonus rounds around $8000 are common at such levels.
They seem to have a few "whales" around, I have seen almost a million wagered in a day by one player in a tournament (I think the score was some 750,000), and that was just the one game!
Strangely, my best wins never made it on to the table, including that 16,000 Pat RF at Phoenician - currently my personal best for a single payout.

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