how can someone charge$3250 on my credit card?


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Apr 12, 2002
i received a call from my credit card bank, wanting to know if i charged $3250 on my card to nearly falling out. i said absolutely not!!! they closed my cc acc. sent me a bunch of letters to sign.i called proccyber, they said all the charges were at riverbelle casino under my account. i explained to them that even i havent been able to get any account money from that card since june of last year.contacted riverbelle. all i could get from them was contact proccyber.they sent me a bunch of letters to sign and fax back. locked all my proccyber related casino accounts.they determined it was not my ip address and refunded the money back in to the card. now, no one knows the acc.# & password but me.i have never written them down, just memorized them. also i never received any purchase emails from proccyber or riverbelle during this 3 day period.whoever this was was able to get $200 to $300 a pop.why would this master card bank allow these purchases, when they called last summer to tell me they do not allow charges to online casinos.i still have not received an explanation, and my accounts remain locked.. which is just fine with me.this was truly a nitemare for me, and i still dont have a clue how it happened.i have had several cashins with proccyber in the past,including one from riverbelle for $10,000.never a problem with either this was a huge shock to me.has anyone ever heard of anything like this}


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Jun 30, 1998
Sounds like a rogue is lurking at Procyber?

It pays to keep abreast of your bank account on a daily basis, especially with Internet transactions going on. You never know when someone's "secure server" is hacked.



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Jan 17, 2002
What security do you have on your computer?
look for trojan horses, happened to me a year ago.

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