How can Cirrus send me this neteller withdrawl to an account that I never gave them?!


Jul 12, 2004
Boston, MA
My disclaimer: I have never used Neteller before since trying to sign up and having my account not work, so I'm not one to know exactly how it works.

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Alex: Welcome to CIRRUS CASINO Live Help! How may I help you ?
Bradford: Hi there, I was hoping to check up on a withdrawl I made at the beginning of August, but had not seen shipped yet
Bradford: my account is XXXXXX
Bradford: could you be able to see if it had been sent in the mail yet?
Alex: More than gladly, one moment please.
Alex: Mr. Whitman your $ 700.25 requested the 8/7, was sent to your neteller the 8/11, neteller transaction number was :XXXXXX.
Bradford: Hmmmmm..... I don't have a neteller account linked to my account. I had one for a day but have never used it. Is there somehow you could take back that 700.25 and send me a check instead?
Bradford: I don't see how you would have a neteller account linked to your casino under my name, perhaps it was sent to someone else by mistake?
Bradford: because on the fax-back form I sent to you I indicated to be a player who used my crecit card to deposit
Alex: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Alex: No sir , we usually verify every details with neteller using your email address, if everthing matches the funds are release, In this case the money was already sent out as above specified. You will have to contact neteller to 1.888.258.5859, or, to verify this transaction, done the 8/10.
Bradford: I don't see how that could be possible, my neteller account has never been used
Alex: Please use transaction number XXXXXXXXX, for this payout.
Bradford: so is there any way of you withdrawl into my account and then I can manually request a cheque instead?
Bradford: because my account withdrawl history shows a withdrawl approved by check
Alex: The funds where already sent out, we cannot reverse the transaction of funds that neteller already has.
Bradford: hmmmm
Bradford: Well I will investigate this further with neteller and check my cirrus account again
Bradford: thank you for your help Alex
Alex: please contact neteller, they will release your funds, either to your bank account or vua regular check.
Alex: Anytime sir!, your more than welcome.
Bradford: one more question
Alex: sure.
Bradford: because I dont believe my neteller account was ever activated and I dont plan on using it.... could I simply say to return the payment to your casino and then have the funds in my account or then have you send that as a cheque?
Bradford: because I have tried to deposit using neteller with the info I have written down and it says my account has been de-activated
Bradford: and by deposit I mean at this very moment back into your casino for 700.25 (700 actually), but basically for the amount you have said you sent to my account
Alex: You can do that Mr. Whitman, what happends is that when the funds reach once again your casino account, if you whant us to send you this funds via fedex or check, it usually is process and sent out by accounting, only on the 15th or 30th of every month. Also keep in mind that the fees charge for a check are usually between $60 an $75. Recomendation would be that you request neteller to send you this funds via regular check, please check with them the fees they charge, but i know they are not so high us ours, or directly to fund your savings or checking account.
Alex: We usually send out payout via neteller or firepay, due to the fact that the are no fees for our customers.
Alex: and the transactions in much more faster and secure.
Bradford: ok, do you have a manager or head of banking email address that I could contact for the future if I need more help with this matter?
Alex: You can contact us to all toll free phone number: 1.800.480.2498, 24/7. Just take in consideration the fees i'm specifying above.
Bradford: ok
Alex: Any of the customer servive profesional will help you on any inquiry at anytime.
Bradford: ok thank you
Alex: More than welcome

Anyone more knowledgable with neteller have any ideas? They don't seem to want to deal with neteller. I don't know how this could have happened or how they got the idea I used neteller, my account isn't even accessible because of a mistake I made in registering so their shouldn't be any reason for it to be approved on the part of neteller. Their own software shows my history as having a Bank Check withdrawl.

The bad luck and strange events involving online casinos continues for brackis........
Pretty easy explaination. Neteller can be used like paypal, I can send you money via neteller by using your email address as I recall. Neteller uses your email address as a piece of ID when depositing at a casino (neteller and casino account must have the same email), so what they apparently did was to just send it to your neteller using your email address.

Give the neteller folks a call at that toll free number, they were very helpful with me whenever I called. They should be able to straighten it out for you. Most people prefer neteller withdrawls because you get them almost instantly, and if you xfer the money to your bank account, it only takes 2 or 3 business days to hit.
You should have recieved an email from neteller saying you had a deposit from them, so you might want to check your mail. If you're looking to recieve a check, its only a $2 fee at Neteller as opposed to Cirrus's outragous fees.
Yes, but the thing is that my account isn't accessible. When I registered I believe I had a spit of dislexia and messed up my SSN which they said they needed and said they couldn't confirm so they closed the account. I decided it wasn't worth the hassle to get it back open and that I would simply use other means.
I just don't see how they could accept this 700.25 to an account that wasn't open to me. :confused:

Cirrus doesn't seem to have any admin emails on their site that I could contact either :(
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My first neteller transaction was by this type of error. A poker room didnt have an option on theior cash out page for prepaidatm, I would send an email stating I wanted it PPATM, I did and they goofed and sent it to Neteller. They were able to do that because I had signed up and used the email address I gave the poker room as my neteller signup email. It turned out to be good because I had no way to fund Neteller at the time and in the end it made me able to fund it since most casinos/poker rooms would not cash out to Neller without a deposit by that method first. Now since PPATM has had issues I use Neteller only.

Call Netller, they are great and will get this worked out, your $$ is safe.
Have you tried calling Neteller yet? That would be the quickest way to resolve it.
Is SSN mandatory for registering at NETeller? If I remember correctly, I don't think it is. NETeller is not a US company, it has no business asking for your SSN anyway!
yes SSN is mandatory for neteller. I dont think it should be, but aparently they have to verify your identity through credit beaureus etc... I think prepaid atm is SSN mandatory also but im not sure.
They send my affiliate fee to Neteller using e-mail I've register, though I never had Neteller account and I've got an e-mail about this transfer from Neteller :). I wrote to Cirrus support and they send me money by check without any fees (not through FedEx).

No netteller doesn't need SSN. I didn't have to give mine. I also have them linked to my bank account. Never give your SSN out to anyone. Only government offices needs them.
I think that neteller now requires US residents to give their SSN, but didn't used to. I had an account before the so-called patriot act went into effect and caused them to ask for this, and at that time, they didn't require it. But I've heard from a few people that now they do.

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