how can a casino insist that i use a withdrawal method which is illegal in my country


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Dec 11, 2009
i am been an avid reader but seldom post but am facing a problem at the moment. I won't mention the casino name at the moment, but the story is that i have deposited using both neteller and entropay at this establishment and had a decent size win of approx $1000(my losses are several times higher than this win). The casino does not payout to entropay so i requested a neteller withdrawal but this was not processed instead i got an email stating that deposits via entropay must be returned via bank wire.
Now the country which i reside in has seriously strict foreign currency laws and it is not possible to have funds tranffered from abroad into a local account unless you have specific permiision which is given to businesses only and not any individuals.

Anyway, i explained my situation to the support but they are not willing to budge even after informing that it is illegal for me to have funds sent to my bank account(in $), the casino is adament that it has to be sent via wire and if the wire is rejected then they will look at other methods to pay me my winnings. But the wire will not be rejected it will be kept by our government and there will be a criminal inquiry so it is just not a feasible scenario.

Can anyone provide me with advise on what i am to do about this and if i am being unreasonable in expecting the casino to pay my winning via neteller or entropay
if it's in there terms /conditions then by all means mention the name of this casino after all thats what were doing here exchanging legit info

and good luck with this glitch on transfer

i just got an email from the manager and they said they will look into this matter so to be fair to them i am just waiting to hear back as to see if they sort this out for me and if they are not willing or able, i will do as per your advise and go for a PAB
On another subject, just want to thank you for the great work you are doing on this site :notworthy
all is sorted out

the manager just contacted me and has rectified the problem plus was kind enough to give me a $50 bonus for the hassles.
Thanks for the replies
the manager just contacted me and has rectified the problem plus was kind enough to give me a $50 bonus for the hassles.
Thanks for the replies

It should NEVER have made it this far though. The CASINO is ALSO breaking the law by INCITING you to commit a criminal act in your country. If the wire WAS seized by the government because the casino insisted on sending it, the CASINO would have to pay TWICE. Casinos ALREADY face the SAME situation in the USA, where UIGEA makes the transactions related to gambling illegal. If caught, the US authorities seize the funds, and the player STILL expects to get paid, and the CASINO is expected to pay up - all part of the risks of operating in this legal "grey area".

Online casinos need to make themselves aware of the differing regulations in the countries they accept players from, especially where many governments regard the activity as "illegal".

Neteller seem happy for you to be a customer DESPITE these strict laws, yet Neteller will ALSO have to "transfer money from abroad" if you ever needed to bring your money back into the country. Why is this NOT a problem?
Entropay also seem happy for their services to be used, so as far as Neteller and Entropay are concerned the activity is NOT illegal. Neteller have banned MANY countries from using their services for gambling, even in places with FEWER restrictions on money transfers from abroad (Canada for example).

It seems that the industry doesn't really care about the players, but WILL bend, twist, even break, these "set in stone" rules when it suits THEM to do so.

The US is a prime example, Online casinos will break US law in order to keep the money coming in, examples include miscoding transactions so as to appear unrelated to gambling so that the money makes it to the casino (rather than being blocked by the bank from leaving the player's account), yet will NOT bend without having considerable pressure applied when it is the PLAYER that needs the rules "bending" in order for them to receive a withdrawal that if sent using normal rules is likely to get blocked or seized.

It's a case of "one law for them, another for us". It does NOT help the reputation of the industry for them to behave like this.

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