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Feb 21, 2006
sorry if this has been asked before

For the first time I've decided to take up a bonus offer, 32Red are offering a 50 monthly match so with my deposit I'll have a total of 100 to play with.

My question is what's the best game(s) to play where I have a fair chance of wagering the required 1500 and if lucky finish with some winnings.

Quite tempted by slots (after seeing the winner screenshots) but have never played slots as being brought up in the UK it was always fruit machines for me.

What's a good slot to start at and at what stakes, or is blackjack the way to go? :thumbsup:
BJ is way to go... lowest house edge i think is on vegas strip BJ..
andif you build bankroll up try VP then slots
Well my 50+50 at 32Red was short & (not) sweet this month :(
I lot the whole lot on slots & only wagered about 450 of the required 1,500.

Slots are a bit of a gamble :)D) - if you hit a good one early on you can make it, but it's always a struggle. What on Earth & Harveys are usually quite good - but all slots have their good days & bad days.

BJ is a possibility, but bear in mind that if you just flat-bet to WR & then withdraw you are very likely to soon find yourself not getting any more bonus offers there. (same with any game, I guess).

Good luck! :thumbsup:
Thats why i play other games if my bankroll has gone up, after playing out most of the WR on BJ. if not i go on slots or VP if my bankroll is decimated (as usualy the case)
Three basic choices: blow it all on one high-risk bet, waste it away in the hope of getting more bonus offers (and keeping the casino happy), or gamble sensibly and face the virtual certainty of some online casinos barring you from bonuses or being barred from play altogether.

An example of the first strategy would be putting it all on one or a few roulette numbers. If you win, play slots until you've met the rollover requirements, then cash out. Few casinos these days allow this and it's an excellent way to be barred from playing there altogether. Furthermore, this is usually a losing proposition unless you know of several casinos which allow it (and even then it's quite risky, there's the gambling risk as well as the risk of not being paid).

Sensible gambling would be playing a game with relatively low variance and near-100% longterm returns: some blackjack and video poker games, a few craps bets, most baccarat games. But the rules and payouts vary from casino to casino--some blackjack games are heavily in favor of the house, and a few video poker games (6/5 Jacks or Better) have poor longterm returns.

No guarantees of course, but with a fair game, sufficiently small wagers, and flat bets, you will very likely come away with a significant part of the bonus as well as your original deposit. One potential problem with most table games is a $1 minimum bet, $100 may not last very long if you run into a losing streak. (Low variance isn't "no variance". :))

And of course many casinos don't count wagers on lower-variance games towards the rollover requirements, or forbid their play entirely. Some casinos even forbid playing video poker with bonus money. (That should be a strong hint as to where their interests lie.)

Your other choice is to waste it away on slots and keno, which is precisely what many of these casinos are hoping for. Then you can throw good money after bad to chase your losses, making the casino even happier and more willing to extend bonuses to you. Lather, rinse, repeat. (It would be easier, safer, and less time-intensive to flush the money down the loo.)

An honest casino won't bar you for gambling sensibly, they know it's up to them to make bonus offers which won't result in excessive losses for them. (Bodog is one of the few who don't offer patently ridiculous reload bonuses and don't forfeit bonuses if they're wagered on certain games.)

Of course you can try some combination of these strategies in the hope of keeping the casino happy while still making a little money. This doesn't work in the long run, very few of the casinos making large bonus offers on a routine basis like to make regular payouts to customers; they'd go broke if they did.
I'd start with .90p spins on one of the 'free spin' slots like Ladies Nite, Thunderstruck, Spring Break etc... You only need to hit a half decent feature in your first few spins to keep you rolling!

With a 100 bankroll, I'd say always make sure you're betting at .90p if you're under 100, but knock it up to 2.25 if you're over! I.e, if you manage to hit a nice feature early doors and finish on, say, 148 - bet at 2.25 until you either a) Get it up to 250 or b) Back down to 100.. In scenario a) - Up to 4.50 we go! or b) Back down to .90p we go! You can obviously set upper and lower limits as you wish!....

Remember - There is no possible way at all ever to guarantee winning on slots! This is something I do if I'm looking to play for a while sometimes, and it often gives me at least a few hours of fun!...

Best of luck! :thumbsup:
I have to agree that BJ is your best bet. As said earlier, build your roll then hit the slots.

KasinoKing said:
What on Earth & Harveys are usually quite good - but all slots have their good days & bad days.

WoE?? I haven't seen a screenshot for that slot in the winners screenshot section in ages.....:D
I usually do what Slotster said and start at .90 a spin on a bonus game . It has worked for me and I have actually cashed out a few times .
I played blackjack when I started online casinoing. As was stated by others, the house advantage is low as is the variance. The problem is that it is really boring if you grind out the wagering requirements with small flat bets (puts me to sleep, literally) and you'll hardly ever win big (unless you bet big, which will lead to busting quite often). It was not really worth the effort for me to spend the time for $100 and under bonuses.

Slots are more fun and offer a chance at some decent scores, but the house will get your money eventually, which is fine if you value the entertainment.

Video Poker offers the best of both worlds for me. The low house edge, coupled with the chance of a major score, and a nice roller coaster ride for the bankroll. You should make it through $1500 wagering more often than not playing one of the lower variance VP games, with the occasional big win (don't know how long they would give you the bonus is though).
Let me briefly describe my recent experience at First Web. They give a $75 bonus for a $25 deposit and add another $25 if you make the deposit with a preferred payment, Netteller in my case. Both carry a 15x WR but the $75 bonus excludes both blackjack and video poker as well as the usual craps. roulette, etc. The $25 bonus allowed video poker so that's where I began. 300 $.25 hands later I had met the limit of the $25 WR that I could do this way and was up $70. Switched to $.02 slots and learned that as long as I could last about 250 spins(generally less than $1 in per spin) I would get a bonus round and not go broke. I did not get very far on the WR with these small bets but I got a sense of what might be relatively "safe" machines to play. Moved up to $.05 bets and soon was up to a toal of $220.00, but had wagered only $700 of the WR. Needed to find a bigger $ machine that would let me come close to breaking even on a lot of spins. For me it came down to Cosmic Cat - not glitzy and no big payoffs but very conserving of available funds. Played $1, 1 line for 1500 spins. Ended up at $326 and cashed out $300. Lost the other $26 really fast in blackjack - 3 hands and I was broke.

Followup - 4 days later I got an unsolicited $15 credit with a 5xWR that was basically unrestricted. With video poker and better luck at blackjack, I was able to cash out $50. Gotta love this casino. Next month I'll be back with more of my own money to see if I can continue the streak.
andyhinckley said:
BJ is way to go... lowest house edge i think is on vegas strip BJ..
andif you build bankroll up try VP then slots

some great tips there thanks :thumbsup:

I played some slots and also VP lost on both then hit the BJ tables and yes built up the 100 to 200 then lost it all but had great fun playin BJ again.

Loved playing Harveys (thanks KK for this recommendation). I'm going to use the monthly bonus to try out all the slots and just have some fun, cause trying to hit the WR is just way too hard work :) but generally prefer the freedom of playing with my own money, cause hey now and again we all hit some good wins and it's good to be able to cashout!
I would say Blackjack. Alot of casinos are not letting you play blackjack under the wagering requirements, be careful. Some only let you play certain kinds of blackjack games as well.

My suggestion is to wager small till you meet requirements, then bet more aggressively to your comfort level. This way, if you hit a good string of cards, you have already met requirements and can cash out right away!
Play blackjack or casinowar.
I put all my money in first hand.So for example if I deposit 100$ and had 100$ bonus with total 200$,I bet all 200$ in first hand.
On every 10 casino,average I win 5 first hands and lot others.
So I continue to play with 400$.
(If I directly deposit 200$ to 5 casinos,I have to wager more because of wagering requirements)

Casinowar is not better than blackjack but some casinos start to not allow you to play bj with your bonuses.So war is a second way for finishing wag. req.
well I'm glad i red this thread because i just deposited two yes thats correct two dollars American:notworthy:notworthy to try out i net bet :p

for just a wee wee bit but amazing two be able to deposeite $2.00 only

i wonder if they have a player to player gifting like 3 dice thats another
player convenience also

i got Q T now George at platinum play sponsored me :eek2: wow
my credit card had more charges to dubai then halliburton :lolup::lolup:

enough :cool::cool::p
you are all the best R C
Haha I thought as much! Couldn't really see the relevance between this thread and your post :D

I take it you will be a new customer to 32red and therefore they will want you to stay with them. I think you will be lucky at first so use it to your advantage

I take it you will be a new customer to 32red and therefore they will want you to stay with them. I think you will be lucky at first so use it to your advantage

This thread is three years old mrcj :p

Rockycatt somehow posted in here by mistake :lolup:
Bonus Money? Hmmm.. bonus money
OH! That!
That's the green that slips thru my fingers like water off a Duck's Back!! :p

Good Luck with yours though!! *crosses fingers*

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