How a goal-post can decide a bet to be a winner or loser.


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Jun 3, 2013
Dún Dealgan
Last night I completely at random picked a bet on the Villareal-Liverpool game.
Placed a bet that Firminho (LIV) would be the first goal scorer in that match but unfortunatelly he didn't score.
At 0-0 he did hit the post tho,so for a second I thought I had a winning ticket.

Staked 25.00 @ 17/2 odds at Paddy Power.
Nearly a nice win. :p:p

Ah well,how far would that 25.00 have brought me on any slot game.
Mostly would give me like 10 minutes of playtime while now I was entertained for the full 90 minutes as the only goal was only scored in the extra time.

The life of Sportsbook gambling.
So close but yet so far! :cool:


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Oct 1, 2011
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Indeed! I know that feeling all too well (close but so far). I have more experience on sports betting than slots (around 13 years on sports betting) and oh boy can it be frustrating!

Just on the last week's Thursday I made a bet on the second leg of that Europa League game that you bet on (Liverpool - Villareal). I bet on over 3.5 goals and wouldn't you know it it ended a goal short 3-0. At 80mins + played with that 3-0 score Liverpool had a striker in alone against the goal keeper and failed to score... hell, even the commentator stated that it should be 4-0 but alas he failed to score and I was left with a losing ticket... so exciting though - I'll probably stop playing slots first than betting on sport events :eek2: