Roguish Horus casino bonus issue


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Aug 5, 2019
Lanna, Thailand
I will try to be as short as possible. This casino has a weekly 100% bonus for which they send out the email invitations every Saturday. I got this bonus twice in the last month. Then I tried to get it again the one before last Saturday but it was unavailable in the casino Cashier (all these bonuses are first made available and claimed at the cashier - before deposit). Then last Saturday I get another invitation for the bonus to my email. Out of curiosity, I decided to check if it is in my cashier. And yes - it is there. Thinking that I am fully eligible - I have made a 200 eur deposit and have claimed the bonus. Later I have withdrawn 464 eur.

Now my 264 eur gets confiscated by the casino claiming I have violated some rule from their terms:

As per our Bonus Terms and Conditions under section 10.4.6., to ensure proper use of bonuses and fair play, we consider claiming Weekend Party bonuses without any other deposit during the week as irregular gameplay to take advantage of bonuses. Players must deposit at least 100$ during the week in order to be eligible for winnings generated with Weekend Party Bonuses.

If I was not eligible for the bonus then WHY:

  1. they invited me to claim the bonus by email (see attached screenshot)
  2. they placed the bonus as available in my cashier
  3. they let me claim the bonus and added it to my account

What if I lost my deposit of 200? They would never return it back to me on the basis that I was ineligible for it. But when I won some money - then they were fast to confiscate it. WIN/WIN for the casino, LOSE/LOSE for me. I feel like I was provoked and then robbed. The casino refused to accept my arguments, unfortunately.


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Robert Rabbit

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Jun 21, 2020
Irregular game play to take advantage of bonuses? What is the point of bonuses if you can't take advantage of them. As you say, if you had lost your 200 euro you would never have heard a peep out of them.

This is exactly the same as Players complaining that they want their deposits back after they have lost because they have found some term or condition which dictates that they shouldn't have been able to play.

I dream of a world where both the casino and player actually pay out and accept losses without searching through 500 pages of regulations to try and find a loophole


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Mar 16, 2019
Horus Casino is linked to Mirage Corporation N.V, who are in turn linked to a large bunch of shady online casinos, some which are meant to appeal to Asian (as in Thailand, for example) players. I would not trust them at all.

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