Hopping on the baseball bandwagon...What ya think?


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Sep 26, 2009
Denver, Colorado
Bet these earlier this morning at sportsbook.com

3-1-1 on year. (2-0 yest on under white sox and d backs games)...

All unders so far until today..one side today..white sox much better pitcher here and im a twins fan..

Baltimore/Toronto Under 9 (-125)

A's/Angels Under 9 (-120)

Pirates/D Backs Under 9.5 (-115)

White Sox -125

Best of luck

just play

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Jan 27, 2006
I have no idea about this kind of betting, :D, but I just wanted to say....

Finally RED SOX all the first time players this year did GREAT!!!!


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Jul 17, 2006
Cambridge ON

Hi there guys.I wanted to let you both know that in baseball, just like in hockey, you can get middles <just like football and basketball> when dealing with run spreads and goal spreads.

In baseball, around half of all baseball games, end as 1 run games.

So you position your ticket to have the +1.5 runs and/or the +2.5 runs in a parlay or flat bet them.

Top professional bettors do this, because the sports books want to reduce payouts to make the experience be more like a slot machine, and take the professional sports bettors away from their websites.

They want the people who lose all the time at the casino, to visit their sports books.

Remember about baseball, home field advantage does matter a lot, and most teams will finish with over .500% at home.

It's finding the strong road teams that's tough.Bet on teams on streaks of more than 3 games and against teams that are in 3 game + skids.

Watch out for bad teams, at home, with their ace pitcher.

Zane Duke of the Pittsburgh Pirates will beat you more often than not, when he pitches at home.

There's so much parity in professional North American sports, that any strong reason to bet on a team is needed to try to pick 70% of your picks right and show a serious profit for it.

I'm not saying picking those high lines like -300+, I'm saying those lines that are less than the -300 mark.

Good luck to all of you in your lives.



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Mar 11, 2005

Just do yourself a big favor and bet it all on the Yankees winning again. Who is going to compete with them? Another championship under their belt after this year!!! Trust me :) :thumbsup: