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Sep 21, 2004
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If you are sent an unsolicited bonus offer from a casino with your name and account number on it should the casino honor it? Let me explain, read the email below, on their T&C's this is line 2, Due to excessive bonus abuse, players from Canada, Denmark, Turkey and Australia are not eligible for bonuses. I am a Canadian player. After contacting the manager they will not honor this, glad I read the terms first.

On 3/27/06, Race Track Casino Manager <marketing@racetrackcasino.com > wrote=
> Welcome XXXXX,
> Racetrack wants to make sure you get the very best! So we're offering you
> a
> total bonus of $120 on your $20 deposit!
> It's an offer of a life time and it's waiting just for you!
> Deposit as little as $20 and you'll be playing with as much as $140.
> Isn't it great? You're playing while we're paying!
> So, make sure to grasp this opportunity otherwise someone else will!
> To take advantage of this bonus, just make your first deposit in the
> casino
> within 72 hours from the time this e-mail was sent to you.

> You're also welcome to contact our online support representatives for mor=

> information.
> How it works:
> 1. Run the Racetrack Casino software using your Username and Password.
> 2. Enter the Cashier to make your first deposit and automatically receive
> your welcome bonus.

> 3. Send me an e-mail to lobbymanager@raceatrackcasino.com with the subjec=

> line:
> "$ 100 Extra Bonus - RTxxxxxxxx12",
> and I will personally credit your account with the additional $ 100
> bonus, within 24 hours.
> Once you are playing in the casino, you can take advantage of the
> continuous
> bonuses and promotions taking place, as well as our VIP program where you
> can
> earn extra comp points and prizes.
> So don't delay, join the thousands of players that are already playing at
> RaceTrack Casino, and claim your extra $ 100 bonus.
> Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to
> contact the
> Racetrack Casino Support Team. We are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a
> week at:
> E-mail: support@racetrackcasino.com
> Toll Free: 1-866-291-8618
> International: 1-268-481-2395
> Martin Soul
> Casino Lobby Manager
Looks like another case of a casino's left hand (the promotions division) not knowing what the right hand (management policy) is doing - it's not uncommon and can sometimes be a sign of an inefficient promo department that is not familiar with it's own company policies and does not constantly review its mailing lists to ensure they are in line with those policies.

Under these sort of circumstances, as a manager I would take my lumps and pay the bonus to the player because this is a casino fault. They should not have sent a specifically addressed offer to you, knowing that you were in a banned location.

Others will no doubt argue that you should have checked the T&Cs first to make sure you were not excluded.
Hi jonevegas,

You are correct. It was a mistake that the bonus offer was sent to you.

However, since it was sent to you, the casino will honor it.

Thank You for bringing it to our attention.

Please supply us with your full user id to speed things up.
Thanks Brian for sending this in and thanks GamingPromo for responding to this post. It's ironic how we get action when incidents like this are posted but when we try to straighten it out with the casino it goes nowhere, sorry to sound negative but that's just how I feel.

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