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Today when I visited the website of Klub8 Casino, I noticed suddenly that they have a small advertisement in the lower right corner of the frontpage for 'Honestcasinos'. I thought it is a kind of web like Casinomeister or eCogra, meant to list trustable casinos. Well, the basic idea might be that. However when I checked them, I saw this:

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Rome Casino listed as the 2nd most trustable casino in the industry in the Top 30? Well... quite strange.

I am wondering if this is really the proper website for that Klub8 has to post a banner to prove they are trustable. :rolleyes:


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They have a link to casinomeisters rogue list and there is Top Game listed under blunders due to the "CSR on crack" where it was just Rome casinos support who made the blunder.:confused:

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