Homesite 5.0 is my baby


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Jun 30, 1998
Homesite has always been my favorite HTML editor. I'm an oldtimer who does most of the HTML coding by hand. Homesite has always been good to me and I'll probably never use anything else.
peralis said:
Mito is my favourite HTML editor :D
:lolup: Isn't that freeware??

Just about everything I learned about HTML I learned from Homesite. I had the sharware version 1. point something or 2.0 way back when, and then purchased the full version in 97. I proceeded to upgrade with most every new version. It's a baragin for the price you pay.
Longtime dreamweaver fan, love the spit view option to view code and design and the new mx2004 search and replace without defining a site is a beauty.
I use Quanta 3.0 on Linux and sometimes plain text editor. Dont like all WYSIWYG editors. I like to control all code and what I type... and no, its not take too much time comparing to MSFrontpage ;)
I'm a unix/linux/mac os x geek, so it's been VIM and/or Emacs for the majority of my code development. Though Dreamweaver 2004 has been turning my head... PHP & MySQL support is pretty good, and given that the whole point of PHP is 'inline' HTML development, it makes some sense. I tend to put stuff into header.php and footer.php and sidenav.php type 'includes' though, which Dreamweaver doesn't seem to want to handle very well, unless there's some extension or trick I'm missing.

I use Eclipse, which is a java-based editor. It runs nicely on a linux-based operating system.

Eclipse is an open-source editor with lots of plugin goodies. It's strictly 100% a by-hand editor -- not for people that want editors that will do any work for them. You can check it out at (the ever so confusing website)
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Not much a fan of Mac's ! *cough* :eek:
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Looks like I may need to take a Dreamweaver plunge...I'm in the process of configuring a brand spanking new computer, and most of my software packages have either been installed too many times, or they are seriously outdated :(

Boo friggin' hoo.

I've checked into the newest Homesite - but it's been incorporated into the new Dreamweaver. I need a new version of Fireworks as well. I might just say the hell with it and go in for the whole kit and kaboodle and shell out the $$$ for the Studio MX 2004 which inclues everything...
Macromedia try it before you buy

Bryan, have you checked out the Macromedia web site to download a free trial of Studio MX (and others) before you shell out money? You might get a better deal from them and you can try it first before you buy. Just a thought.
Gosh. I'm still using notepad.

But I have dreamweaver now, and someday soon I am going to take the time to figure out how to use it. :thumbsup:
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