Home poker bust in San Jose


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

Don't publicise your game...and don't take a rake

The weekend saw another dramatic police raid on American citizens, this time in San Jose where Patricia McCoy and Cuthberto Cardenas were arrested and subsequently released on bail on accusations of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and fraudulently obtaining money under false pretenses.

Local police alerted by neighbourhood complaints of excessive vehicular traffic found poker tables and twenty players enjoying poker action when they entered the house Saturday afternoon. Among those found was a thirteen year old girl, who was taken into protective care.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the games had been advertised on the Internet, and players told police that their buy-ins averaged $25 to $55.
Meanwhile, the drug dealer down the street was laughing his a** off....
The Police have to protect the citizens from the evil poker players :eek: Since the Surgeon General has warned that "Playing low limit poker, can lead to much harder games, such as Hi-Low and the worst, NO LIMIT Hold 'em!"

:lolup: :lolup: :lolup:
Meanwhile, the drug dealer down the street was laughing his a** off....

As well as the pedophiles hitting on/picking up 12yo kids over at myspace, or the park down the street :mad:

Seriously...busting a home game with buy-ins < $100? Give me a break. :mad:
Finally. The world's gone mad :cool:

The RIAA proved the world has gone mad long ago:

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Crain, a grandmother who was displaced by 2005's Hurricane Rita, was sued for copyright infringement in September 2006 after the RIAA's investigators flagged user "kcrain@KaZaA" for sharing 572 tracks on the P2P network, including tracks by 50 Cent and Usher. After Crain denied engaging in file-sharing and rejected the RIAA's $4,500 prelitigation settlement offer, the RIAA filed suit.

But, she is fighting back: (The above case was dropped)

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