hollywoods poker first day has over 8000 people

I am thinking that is the reason I cannot even load up there site!.

Response must have been bigger then they expected.
I'm almost sure that they told me their software was proprietary - I'm only just back from Barcelona but I'll have a look back through our reports to confirm that. What does Poker Pulse say?
Pokerpulse does not have it listed yet. I have been told me 3 people it is a Poker Room skin but I cannot log in myself so I do not know. Would be odd my nick would be taken and 8000 on if it was not a skin.
From what I have heard and seen Poker Room is pretty reliable and well funded - they are publicly listed on a solid exchange, too. Still haven't found the InfoPowa bulletin that reported on this, but they did a lot of "tease" marketing before launching.
Poker Room is not my favorite place, I have not played in a long time but I have never heard anything terrible about them. Only complaints seem to be the casino games or some software issues, never heard of anyone getting stiffed by them.

As far as I know there are no other Poker Room skins. I doubt they would stop you from being a member of both.
Thanks, Large-eyes that is useful knowledge.

Haven't found the news report yet but I have found some email exchanges with these folks running up to it in which they appeared to be very leary of the media and had to refer our query to management.... that could all be perfectly innocent if they were on the run-up to a launch and didn't want the competition to know too much until they had gone public.
Hollywood Poker Questions

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for checking out the site.
HollywoodPoker.com does in fact use the same engine as Pokerroom and we are on the same network and therefore effectively share the same sets of players. This is the reason that your Poker Room username is taken at HollywoodPoker.com and why you may be able to see the same players at tables in both venues.

HollywoodPoker.com does however differ in a number of ways. The most immediate and obvious difference is the graphics and look of the tables. The second and more important reason is that we have our own set of HollywoodPoker.com private tables that only members of HollywoodPoker.com can access. The celebrities on our site only play at HollywoodPoker.com tables. You will know which tables are HollywoodPoker.com because they have two asterisks ** in front of the name (i.e. **Magnolia Ave). So if you want to have any chance of playing with a celebrity, you must be playing at one of those tables.

You can have an account at Pokerroom and Hollywood Poker but you will not be able to use the same nickname at both sites.

A downloadable version of the game will be available within a month, so those who don't like the Java version will have another option.

If you have anymore questions please check out our
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This is one of the more oddly done launches I have seen. I didn't even know of it until I read this thread. Pokerroom is a fav amongst MAC users because it is one of the only poker rooms to run on the system because of it's no-download java interface. The nice part about pokerroom though is that it does have a download client, which hollywood seems to be lacking. However, there's no doubting that that interface is the same as Pokerroom, with only colors varying.

They even have James Woods as a spokesman.....very odd behavior, but probably innocent. The site is down right now.

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