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Sep 22, 2004
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** After my visit to ICE today, I heard a few disturbing things. Most of them I could put down to big talk and heroism, but one thing stood out for me today. It is amazing how players are so keen on dropping names, and how 'easy' they find it to intimidate a casino in a very abusive way to 'give them what they want or they are going to the forums!' - I find that a lot of the time a civilized conversation would have stated the issue and have it resolved much quicker, but NOOO. However, none of us would stand for a casino using a swearword or even type in all caps to state their cases... It is a hard game/business we are in here, and one would think that mutually educated pple will treat each other in a mutually beneficial way.. I guess I was mistaken. Be honest, how many of you have apologised to a casino operator after loosing your cool? And how many have recieved an apology from the casinos when they admit they have made a mistake. I got upset with the braggarts and left the confirence. It was my choice. As all else is.**
People power is no bad thing... The internet has proven this more than ever.

One should always be courteous and polite when conducting a conversation, but the influence of sites such as this in keeping this business on the straight and narrow, surely can't be underestimated. If a casino doesn't step out of line, they've got nothing to worry about. Snap for casino customers.

I think of sites like this as a watchdog that actually works, as opposed to one that's just there out of obligation and in name only.
I think it's the threat made right out of the gate -- "Either find in my favor or I'll smear your casino name on every forum I can find!" -- that Petunia may be talking about.

By all means, forums are a great place to gather information and try to make educated decisions. However, using them as a club or blunt object as opposed to rationally discussing whatever problems may arise -- aye, there's the rub.

It's why chains of command exist -- if you don't like the answer you're getting, go one step higher on the chain. If you reach the top and still don't like that answer, use other professional means (such as here or other Forums) to try and address your problem.

If you're wronged, it's perfectly acceptable to warn other people away from a casino. However, merely stating "Casino X sucks, don't play there!" doesn't give nearly enough information to justify such an opinion.

As I tell my students, everyone's got opinions (and we've all heard the old joke). It's judgments based on rational facts and/or clearly stated reasons that are so rare nowadays.
** Hey there, Slotster: I think Mcgyver sums it up for me. I believe in the power of the pple, and I am ALL for getting the rubbish weeded from this garden... I love the forums, and learn a lot from the pple, even befriended a few here... I try to look at both sides of the coin, and then I find that one side, recently, is a bit tainted. The conversation I was subjected to was as follows : "This is crap. Don't worry, next time, you just tell them straight away you going to xxx, xxx, xxx forums and you will see how quickly they jump." Anyways, I am sorry, I vented... ehhee... nothing serious.BUt thanks for listening... it helps! **

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