HOJ Demo play vs real play


Ueber Meister
Jun 22, 2013
Ontario Canada
Hey everyone, it's been a while ( Staind song in there ) I hope everyone is doing well!
I have a question, HOJ has been through the roof in how brutal can your game play be. A good month of dead spins on any given game, nothing new for some casino's, but I would have to say with them, it has been noticeably. They changed Gemix price wise. It now starts off at $1 a spin, and then 1.40, 2, 3, 4, 10 dollars. Mostly dead spins unless you bet $3, and then you might get back half your bet after 10 dead spins. I decided to go check their demo mode and the demo mode is different than their real play, it is still reflecting the old way from a month or so since the change, 50cents, 70 cents, $1, 2, 5 and $10 . What exactly does demo do that is suppose to be the same as real? Thanks :)

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