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May 2, 2005
Troy Aikman...Warren Moon...John Madden...Harry Carson...Rayfield Wright...Reggie White

Aikman-If Jimmy and Jerry could hold their liquor he'd have won four super bowls in a row. Losing Irvin, Johnson,Stepnowski, and Novachek in a three year span derailed the dynasty.

Moon-Had to prove himself in Canada(5 Grey Cups) before NFL was convinced of his talent. (maybe Flutie has a shot...lol)

Madden-Compiled 10-10 win seasons with the Raiders...lost 6/7 AFC championships...won one superbowl. I think he could have done more with the talent he had...but with his broadcast career and video games I'll grant him some "extra credit" for the hall.

Carson-Played 13 years with the NY Giants. Pro bowl 9 times. One super bowl championship. Overshadowed by Lawrence Taylor on a great defense.

Wright-Played 13 years with the Dallas Cowboys. Pro bowl 6 times. All-pro 4 times. Five super bowls with two wins.

White-"Minister of Defense" USFL-2 years...Eagles-8 years...Packers-6 years. Two super bowls with one win. Retired with a record 198 career sacks(since passed by Bruce Smith). Pro Bowler an NFL record 13 straight years. Two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Died suddenly at his home 12/26/04 (age 43) from cardiac and pulmonary sarcoidosis. They built the HOF for players like Reggie White IMHO.

the dUck
I certainly agree with you on Reggie White Daffy.....as for the others, the only other ones I ever watched play were Troy Aikman (hated the Cowboys though, I'm a Colts fan)...and of course being from Canada, Warren Moon.

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