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I've been hanging around this site for quite some time now. Made an account about a month ago, but never posted anything.

I just felt it was time to end my lurker status, and introduce myself to everyone.

Hello Casinomeister-people, nice to meet you :)

I'm your average Joe from Norway, low rolling slot machine enthusiast and bonus whore! Well... Lately I've been avoiding bonuses, but they come in handy if I just want to play "for fun". I usually never meet the wagering requirements anyway :D

I love this site, it has excellent information. I've been using the Accredited Casino page LOTS. Been avoiding all the rogue casinos due to this fantastic site. I have never ever experienced anything bad about any of the casinos I've played on due to this. (...yet)

Anyways, that's all I had for now. I have tons of funky screenshots of nice wins. I might put them up on the SS-thread soon, now that I've broken the ice.

So, enough of this wall of text. I'm happy to finally be a part of this "family".




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Nice to meet you, Krogoth. :)

Welcome to Casinomeister!!

GGW Laurie

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Welcome to the forum:thumbsup:


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