Hitting the Holy Grail on Cashzuma - or was it?


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Oct 24, 2005
Just thought I would share this.

Was playing 40p a spin at Pokerstars. Hit the three bonuses, thank you. Was going quite nicely then about the 8th or 9th spin, I hit another 2 bonuses, so that was another 5 spins. Anyway, kept hitting two bonuses, it came in 2 or 3 times more, mad. Eventually, I made it to 100/1 spins with wait for it - 10 spins to spare. I thought this it, a massive win in place.

7/10 of those spins were dead draws - nada.

One of the last 3 spins I hit 70p, so £70.00 - wow!

Anyway, finished on £480.00 or so, so 1200/1 return which is obviously very nice, but with 10 spins remaining at 100/1 spin, I was expecting a bit more.

Was I being too optimistic?

Have a good day.

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