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Mar 25, 2006
I've been thinking about doing some highrolling, and wanted some input for different strategies, I ply almost exclusively slots and really would love to hit some of these nice wins I have been seeing!
the safest way is probably to deposit 100 or 200. then start small, betting maybe 1.50 to 2.25 a spin, until you get up above 400 or 500, then increase bets to 2.25 to 4.50, until you get up above 1000, then start pumping up your bets but cash out if you drop below a certain point. obviously there is no guarantee that you will get above 400 or 500, much less 1000, which is why you should cash out when you get below a certain point. but unless your bankroll is in excess of 5000 I'd say this is the way to go. i've never deposited more than 200, and all my biggest wins have started from basically nothing ($50 or less).

but don't let the winner's screenshots thread blind you, 99% of the time those huge wins come after many losses.
I agree with MrVan :thumbsup:

I've found that getting to that $1K point is the hardest.
A lot of my BIG wins have started out with small deposits $50 - $100 max and betting small .45 - .90 cents a spin.

EG - Say I'm playing Thunderstruck @ .90cent & I get the hammers Wild. That's $150. I then up my bet to $2.25, set a drop bet target and then play. If I win another decent hit, I up my bet to $4.50 & so on. If however I fall below my bet target, I drop my bet back & play till I hit another good win or I change slots.

I've even dropped my bet as far a .18 cents and scored a couple of good hits on the free spins which allowed me to up my base bet. On number of ocassions I've cashed out at well over $500 in these cases.

IMO bankroll management (for slots) is paramount, unless you've got an unlimited sack of cash.
I completely agree with you. As I've said, I consider myself a 'medium' high roller, meaning I rarely deposit more than $200 in a session, though will sometimes do that a couple times in one day. I nearly always stick with 9 line slots and will count the spins. Start at 45 cent or 90 cent and then up the wager if the hits are coming in frequently (every 5-10 spins) and if my balance is staying even or slowly increasing.

If my balance is dropping, then I switch to another game. If I don't hit the free spins within 50 spins (nearly always happens) I will switch to another one.

My recent wins are an anomaly to say the least. After 5 years of regular slots play (mostly microgaming), I really do believe that you will only hit these sorts of wins (multiple times) if you have a very large bankroll. I've turned $200 into $15,000 in a single session but of course I've lost a lot too.

More often, with all the bonus slots, I will fight to break the 1000 mark. If I do, it seems the wins are more frequent. If I don't make it, I tend to lose most or all of it.

I have been very lucky this week... and I know it's not going to last. I wouldn't advise anyone to try to chase it. If you go into it thinking you're going to win $10K from a $100 deposit, you're setting yourself up for big losses -- the odds are strongly against it. Set your goal to win $500 from a $100 and you have a better chance since one good bonus round at 1.25 could bring that result.
n00b question here, but what would make any slot strategy different for high rolling than low-rolling? All you really do is add or remove zeroes to the dollar figures, right?

I think bonus and comp management might be the most exciting possibilities. I've seen a few casinos offer bonuses specifically to users who deposit and wager a stupendous amount on slots. And some might have VIP levels that would tend to reduce their edge on the slots somewhat (deposit matches, and, especially, cash back on losses).

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